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El informe de Brodie Read & download ä 7 Characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges ↠ 7 Read & download El Informe de Brodie supone una evolución imprevista en la estética de Jorge Luis Borges In his old age Borges using Kipling s Plain Tales from the Hills as his model crafted these deceptively straightforward narratives in a new laconic style Argentinian history the half savage Pampas the criminals of the Buenos Aires slums and duels both actual and metaphorical are the subjects of these tales They are all worthwhile and three of them The Interloper The Encounter and the Gospel According to Mark are as good as anything he ever wrote

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El informe de Brodie Read & download ä 7 Characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges ↠ 7 Read & download A diferencia de El Aleph y Ficciones ue abundan en enigmas y en símbolos los once cuentos I am so wrapped up in the several worlds of Jorge Luis Borges that I am sometimes taken aback by the reactions of other readers Doctor Brodie s Report is late Borges and not at all in the same metaphysical vein as the stories in say Ficciones Labyrinths or The Aleph It was written in fact after a long spell of writing virtually no fiction at all the poetry however continued unabatedDoctor Brodie s Report harks back to early Borges to the works of the 1920s and 1930s he has not only disparaged but tried to actively suppress I refer to his early stories and essays about what he calls the suburbs of Buenos Aires when one story dwellings stretched out to where the pampas began and slaughterhouses and knife wielding toughs abounded to process the beef that was exported to Europe While no gangster himself Borges was fascinated by the men who lived on the outskirts of the city men like Juan Murana and Evaristo Carriego These noir heroes perhaps represented what Borges would have liked to be in a different realityAfter all he is the descendent of military heroes and one of his antecedents Manuel Isidoro Suarez was instrumental in winning the Battle of Junin 1824 during the Peruvian war of independence But both he and his father were bookish sorts and during the First World War he was educated in Switzerland The Argentina he returned to fascinated him and it took him many years before he found his stride with the volumes I have mentioned aboveStill I like all of the man s work even his fascination with knife wielding hooligans who had their own inarticulate code of bravery These stories are not uite so popular as The Library of Babel or The Garden of the Forking Paths or Death and the Compass But they are pure Borges nonetheless and well worth readingWould I recommend this as the first work by the author one reads By no means I would pick one of the famous collections Only when the Argentinean has firmly taken root in the reader s heart do I recommend the minor works of which this is one

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El informe de Brodie Read & download ä 7 Characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges ↠ 7 Read & download De este volumen fruto de la lenta madurez del gran escritor son directos desnudos y sencill Knives knives knivesI had forgotten how important they were In fact I ve faced life until now without one whether it has been a life at all might be the most poignant uestionBorges is a master of realism The clarity of his prose strikes deeper within me than most of what I have read recently I happily lose myself in his short stories expectant of the next word I ll read and despite the themes common across the entire collection knives and the linearity of his accounts he manages to end each with a breathtaking bangI can honestly state that El Evangelio Seg n Marcos read the trans here changed my perspective on life no work has ever sneaked up on me like this one and then uite physically transformed my conscious being What I felt must be what people would like to refer to when they say they were blown away by something I had to stop breathe let my mind travel and enjoy the most sublime encounter with art I ve had in yearsI should mention the stories although they stand by themselves uite well are all interrelated and I wouldn t be surprised if upon another reading of this exuisite volume I d be able to dissect the threads running through them all They re about Argentina Argentinianess and Borges s interpretation and construction of the context that surrounded him but that goes without saying They re about those moments of immensity when wide eyed and tachycardic one is able to say I am knowing the next moment will determine who one from then on will be somewhere between always and never blood letting and eternalRead this in spanish if you can I don t know how these are in english but is seems to me this prose would lend itself well for translation the writing is elegant through its educated simplicity By the time this volume was published it was late in Borges s career By then he seems to have mastered his miniaturist style evoking poetry in his strokes and was entirely comfortable with his stature as a writer Borges himself is written in most of the stories well aware of his being Borges many times telling something someone might have told Borges and going into the layers of memory history and identity that this narrative framework allows It s all uite surreal and magical in its straightforward realism meaning it s not gritty but somewhat romantic and sparked by fantasy like the knife fights oft depicted in his storiesuite honestly I can t wait to read pretty much all this man wrote

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