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DOWNLOAD ↠ Epic Win for Anonymous He Web's most infectious memes and catchphrases Wired Today it has over 12 million monthly users with enormous social influence to match Epic Win is the first book to tell 4chan's story Longtime blogger and 4chan expert Cole Stryker writes with a voice that is engrossingly informative and approac I went into this book expecting an analysis and history of Anonymous the hacker group but the book focuses on a history of internet memes and how they arise primarily from 4chan Anonymous home The book is a great walk down memory lane for anyone who s been on the Internet since at least the 90s reminding you that sites like Stile Project and Fark were places you used to love visiting It also reminds you of the sharp delineation between the pre Facebook Internet where anonymity was the norm to post Facebook Internet where real identities are a near reuirement But the book doesn t offer anything new to those of us in the pre Facebook crowd

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DOWNLOAD ↠ Epic Win for Anonymous 4chan is the Anti Facebook a site that radically encourages anonymity It spawned the hacktivist group Anonymous which famously defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by bringing down MasterCard's and Visa's Web sites Created by a 15 year old wunderkind in 2003 it is the creative force behind t review originally written for CCLaP and also this book wound up on my CCLaP best of 2011 listOkay let me start by saying that I have never been on 4chan I know what it is I know what it does and I know how it works I ve just never felt compelled to actually slog through it But that doesn t mean I m not utterly fascinated by it and I certainly understand what an awesome in both senses cultural force it is and how it represents everything new and amazing and unpredictable about the times we re living in So of course I was super psyched to get this book for 4 at the Brooklyn Book Fair I m fairly close to the target demographic for it I know enough about memes and the web and new media that there were a few sections I glossed over but for the most part I m outside of the hardcore internetters for whom this book would be like a primer for the lives they already lead One of the best things that happened as a result of reading this was that I got to have the following conversation four different timesI m reading this really fascinating book about 4chan and learning sooo muchWhat s 4chanWait seriously You don t know what 4chan is Where all the memes come fromWhat s a meme againWhaaa Only one of those conversations was with someone of my parents generation the others were my friends my peers people who clearly should know about this stuff So I got to explain all about easy ones like LOLcats and Rickrolling and the Hide yo kids hide yo wife guy and I got to feel very very savvy and in the know which of course I m really notIf you are some parts of this book will bore you for example there s a long entire chapter where Stryker describes in specific every different board of 4chan and what you ll find there Also much of the criticism of the book seems to be that people find the title misleading because it s really a book about 4chan with only a bit of discussion of Anonymous I d bet money that the paperback edition gets an epilogue about Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous role therein But that s the point isn t it This is a book which is fixed and stable and the world of the internet changes so fast that writing a book about it is almost necessarily a losing endeavor Except it s not Stryker covers a ton of fascinating ground here which will not become out of date or out of touch There s a sort of condensed history of hacking which he dates back to the fifties when a bunch of blind kids calling themselves Phone Phreaks hacked the landline telephone system by whistling into the receiver at a certain pitch to get free long distance calling He takes us through the early Wild West days of the internet covering Usenet and BBSes and then traces the history of a bunch of sites I d never heard of like WELL Stile Project and Gaping Maw plus many I have like Rotten Slashdot Fark Reddit etc He s got a basic meme primer where he discusses memes as a concept and then runs through many of the most popular He talks about memes crossing over into the mainstream like Rick Astley s live Rickrolling at the Macy s Day Parade last year and into advertising like the Old Spice Guy doing a thirty second YouTube spot specifically for 4chan users riddled with obscure references to their inside jokes He has scads of interviews with tons of internet people from execs at all the major sites to random btards He introduced me to a ton of stuff I never knew about filled in the gaps on things I knew only vaguely and gave me a really varied balanced account of the internet today and how it got like this Naturally Stryker is an unabashed fan of 4chan of b of Anonymous and of our crazy internet world and it shows He loves his subject in all its weird frightening and unexplainable glory Of course he touches on all the racism homophobia bullying and stalking that are made possible by 4chan and he pokes fun at the normal people who are horrified by the morning news scare tactics used to paint 4chan and Anonymous as a den of sin and iniuity just waiting to prey upon your children But ultimately he wants us to see how amazing and filled with potential this all is Here s one of my favorite lines The success of 4chan as a meme generator has challenged everything we thought we knew about the way people behave on the web People are willing to spend shocking amounts of time creating collaborating documenting all with no recognition The implications are staggering Give people a place that facilitates creation and sharing and they will conjure entire civilizations I love that It s so true Out of 10 9 unless you are a hacker or a btard in which case probably don t bother


DOWNLOAD ↠ Epic Win for Anonymous Hable Whether examining the 4chan provoked Jessi Slaughter saga and how cyber bullying is part of our new reality or explaining how Sarah Palin's email account was leaked Epic Win proves 4chan's transformative cultural impact and how it has influenced and will continue to influence society at lar It s interesting no matter how much you think you keep up on this stuff there is still to learn Cole provides a great primer about Anonymous and 4Chan and a balanced fair portrayal of the communities behind it The history too is a good time A trip down memory lane BBSes The Well Usenet The good old days Maybe Pretty timely book too considering all the activity this summer Cole manages to work in LulzSec and the events with Sony My main feeling in reading this was missing Project Chanology and wishing that came back God Scientology And thank you Cole for not making me seem like an evil marketer But if any of you Anonymous are reading this don t worry I uit that job