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The Innocents Download à 2 Francesca Segal ☆ 2 Read Characters Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Francesca Segal Ears; theirs is set to be the wedding of the yearBut then Rachel's cousin Ellie makes an unexpected return to the family fold Beautiful reckless and troubled Ellie represents everything that Adam has tried all his life. This was a 25 but I m giving it a first novelist5 bump up This had the same effect on me as Song of Achilles it just made me want to re read the source material Edith Wharton s brilliant Age of Innocence The central problem with The Innocents is in fact its source material the entire book feels like a mental exercise how can we re create the rigid hierarchies and complex social codes of 1870s upper crust New York in the modern world It s a difficult problem since we live in a mobile permissive and fragmented world and Segal solves it by choosing a fairly hermetic niche with she tells us very strict codes of its own London s upper middle class tradition bound but not Orthodox Jews But the problem is that as Segal acknowledges the hermetic world she builds for her characters is highly artificial and fairly illusory I have no firsthand knowledge of the London Jewish community in particular but it is hard for communities where everyone works and is educated in the outside world to stay sealed off especially since these are not true frummers with any particularly rigid religious code Age of Innocence would make sense set among Hasdiim Therefore Segal s main characters resolute blindness to the outside world manifests itself as willful lack of curiousity and frankly dullness Instead of May Welland the perfect bride who makes brilliant use of the limited tools at her disposal given her gender and social position and ends up calling the shots we have Rachel a babyish brat who at 30 is called Pumpkin by her boyfriend never has a thought that s recorded on the page and grates for most of the novel s 300 odd pages A similar flattening takes place with Ellie the re incarnation of Wharton s Countess Olenska Ellie is a model with a taste for drugs and promsicuous past But she never shows any of the spark the exterior intelligence that makes Olenska compelling and where Olenska s sexuality is truly interesting in the world Wharton depicts where an unmarried woman is literally virginal and a betrothed couple shows their passion in a fleeting kiss on the lips in today s world where even adorable Pumpkin Rachel doles out blow jobs Ellie is reduced to exhibiting her sexuality through wearing scraps of clothing and appearing nude in all kinds of posters and movies The central passion between Ellie and Adam remains entirely enigmatic neither one of them seems particularly compelling or worth upsetting many familial apple carts for In short it all becomes very stilted and dull and somewhat irritating Perhaps the most important aspect of Wharton s novel that it is written 50 years after the era she depicts sort of a 1920s version of Mad Men in that respect is completely left out here This means that the brilliant coda where Archer chooses to hold tight to the fantasy that has nurtured him rather than risk either the rewards or the disappointment of reality is absent Also absent is the distance that Wharton s anthropological lens brings she s dissecting a bygone world and interrogating what innocence meant from the perspective of an age that is anything but Segal s story is much straighforward what you see is what you getSo why did I give it 3 stars then Because Segal writes well and it s well realized on its own artificial terms But it was probably closer to 2 at the end of the day

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The Innocents Download à 2 Francesca Segal ☆ 2 Read Characters Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Francesca Segal WINNER OF THE COSTA FIRST NOVEL AWARD 2012 What if everything you'd ever wanted was no longer enoughAdam and Rachel are getting married at last Childhood sweethearts whose lives and families have been intertwined for y. This is another debut book I ve owned Hardcover and wanted to read since it was first released in 2012 Only took me 7 years I did however read and enjoy Francessa Segal s 2nd book called The Awkward Age a few years backSegal s 3rd Book Mother Ship was released last month June 2019 I m hoping to see a Kindle releasebut right now it s only in Hardcover 2195 on I d love to read it The Innocents Inspired by The Age of Innocence is simply funny heartfelt and totally ENTERTAININGLots of reviews and ratings have been around for years so I won t repeat much of the plotbut I laughed and rolled my eyes plenty I understood the positions of each main character clearlyand was reminded of the the social snobbish experiences during the Jewish High Holidays at The Synagogue the subtle hierarchy the judgements of clothes people wear the uiet gossip all in the name of Jewish religious prayer The trio characters Adam Rachel and Ellieeach Jewishare as different as night and day I d label them this way when it comes to their Jewish identityAdam the Conservative Jew 28 years old a lawyer He is grappling with his naughty mindRachel the Orthodox Jew wealthy protective traditional cares to follow the rules of her familyEllie the Reform Jew The Jewish ethical slut HaALL MY DESCRIPTIONS about Adam Rachel and Ellieare the bare cliff notes for each of them There s they are complex being challenged in their own beliefs feelings and thoughtsThere are crossovers of these relationships between the Jewish religious and social movements None of these labels are set in stone A great story about a Jewish community enclosed in London an upper class Jewish enclave There is a large cast of characters It s fair to compared The Innocents to Downton Abbey A Jewish Downton AbbeyOr I laughed at this one but true Peyton Place meets Yentl This novel is already a little dated Contractors rarely use Corian for kitchen counters any longer but when this book was written Corian was considered high end There were other fun tidbits toothat made me giggle about how fast life is changing American contemporary Jews might pick up on nuances that non Jews might missbut it s an irresistible story for readers of any culture race or classA FEEL GOOD DELIGHTFUL BOOK I m loving Francessa Segal s writing talents

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The Innocents Download à 2 Francesca Segal ☆ 2 Read Characters Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Francesca Segal To avoid and everything that is missing from his world As the long awaited wedding approaches Adam is torn between duty and temptation security and freedom and must make a choice that will break either one heart or ma. When I started reading this book right off the bat I thought this reminds me of The Age of Innocence And then I read a bit and realized this IS The Age of Innocence except the names place and religion of the main characters is different Instead of late 19th century New York the story is set in 21st century London in a close knit Jewish community It is almost like she had an Age of Innocence template and inserted date name place and the computer spit out this bookThe issue I have with this book is that the author seems to have lifted the plot of Edith Wharton s book and changed the names and not much else It reminds me of the movie Clueless which is based on Jane Austen s Emma except that while the plot of Clueless is very similar to Emma and modernized the characters in Clueless seem to have their own distinct takes on who they are and what they re about whereas the characters in The Innocents ARE the characters in The Age of Innocence There s no surprise twist If the character in Age of Innocence does it the parallel character in The Innocents does it too This might have been a much better book if the author had chosen to tell the story from the perspective of Rachel Gilbert aka May Welland or Ellie Schneider aka Ellen Olenska rather than Adam Newman aka Newland Archer Or if she had made Rachel a stronger character or made Ellie a strong purposeful woman instead of a lost soul My problem isn t with the story Age of Innocence is a great story My problem is that Edith Wharton already told this story and she did it far better than this It s like eating a Hershey s bar after you ve had a box of Godiva chocolates

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