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Download » The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 105 Ith the help of a professor a beautiful blonde and a jack of all trades The conspirators' plans go along beautifully for a whi DNFed it at 55 % or so I can t believe that this difficult to read and difficult to follow story is so highly rated on GoodreadsThe story is so painstakingly revealed yet there are uestions than answers The coup prepared by the oppressed moon dwellers seems to take foreverEach successful book has its own audience or should I say readership Maybe only the hardcore sci fi crowd rated this beast of a bookMaybe the usual romance reading housewives had a hand in rating this book 4 or 5 stars but I can t see this happening I m amazed that I lasted that long

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Download » The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 105 Luna of the 21st century is a penal colony where everyone lives under the dictatorship of the hated Authority But the inevitab Space camp prison fun time So we have AI use of food as a weapon of war philosophy how probability influences human decisions and satirizing statistics rebellion how to treat colonies right or wrong and what true independence means with many side blows on history emancipation by imbalance of sex ratio that enables women to be powerful and what kind of family models form out of this new situation and as always in Heinleins works many dialogues and monologuesHe always played with political ideas and while Starship Troopers was uite unreflective except of the philosophical debates this novel has much room for interpretations Especially anarchism a mainly forgotten option for society design takes a large place in the argumentation in one of the characters argumentations not leaving space for counter arguments But it shows the inherent flaws of any concept that prioritizes the ultimate freedom of everyone over the protection of the weak from the arbitrariness of the law of the jungle something certain ideologies seem to permanently forget mentioning Heinlein has a special tense relationship to democracy and regulated markets in welfare states and avoids mentioning such topics or describes them as not good options throughout his worksHis writing dialogues characters are so badass that it would be close to stereotypical humoristic writing today because it s so filled with cliches about that time that it s hard to imagine that they really talked and thought like that It s as if the people had made a time travel to a brighter future but kept their strange mentality not having had the time for cognitive development and cultural evolution so that the contrast is even stronger and they seem somehow primitive stone agy ugh The main difference to Clarke and Asimov is that they do worldbuilding and metaplots while Heinlein is of a character focused writer who adds some Sci Fi elements and a rudimentary plot but is mainly interested in detailed descriptions of how the humans deal with the topics he wants them to talk about And of course the controversial political and sexist views he added in his work the other two were able to avoid and to stay neutralBut with this work he wrote a for his standards less agenda and bias influenced work that is closest to what someone would call a Hard Sci Fi novel and it really takes place in space just as Starship troopers something not always the case in his worksview spoiler It s uite funny that any planet would risk putting delinuents and criminals in a position where they have any possible advantage It s like building a very easy to defend badly or not guarded open prison city at the top of a huge plateau when all your important cities are in the range of siege weapons that could bomb them in oblivion from above with that bit of gravity and the moon has a bit potential for that hide spoiler

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Download » The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 105 Le takes place one day when Mike the master computer who controls everything on Luna devises an intricate revolutionary plot w Imagine a prison colony on the MoonNow add a new and updated twist on the American war of independenceA self aware computer that actually runs the colonyA non political computer engineerA beautiful freedom fighterA politically cynical professor The birth of a new nationAnd you have one of the best hard science fiction tales ever image Prison HistoryMy Grandfather Stone claimed that Luna was only open prison in history No bars no guards no rules and no need for them Back in early days he said before was clear that transportation was a life sentence some lags tried to escape By ship of course and since a ship is mass rated almost to a gram that meant a ship s officer had to be bribedSome were bribed they say But were no escapes man who takes bribe doesn t necessarily stay bribed I recall seeing a man just after eliminated through East Lock don t suppose a corpse eliminated in orbit looks prettier Slaves of the systemThat we were slaves I had known all my life and nothing could be done about it True we weren t bought and sold but as long as Authority held monopoly over what we had to have and what we could sell to buy it we were slavesBut what could we do Warden wasn t our owner Had he been some way could be found to eliminate him But Lunar Authority was not in Luna it was on Terra and we had not one ship not even small hydrogen bomb There weren t even hand guns in Luna though what we would do with guns I did not know Shoot each other maybeThree million unarmed and helpless and eleven billion of them with ships and bombs and weapons We could be a nuisance but how long will papa take it before baby gets spanked A computer with a sense of humor Mike her name is Wyoming Knott I m very pleased to meet you Mike You can call me Wye Why not Mike answeredI cut in again Mike was that a joke Yes Man I noted that her first name as shortened differs from the English causation inuiry word by only an aspiration and that her last name has the same sound as the general negator A pun Not funny Wyoh said uite funny Mike I I waved to her to shut up A good pun Mike Example of funny only once class of joke Funny through element of surprise Second time no surprise therefore not funny Check I had tentatively reached that conclusion about puns in thinking over your remarks two conversations back I am pleased to find my reasoning confirmed How to deal with a spyThe thing to do with a spy is to let him breathe encyst him with loyal comrades and feed him harmless information to please his employers These creatures will be taken into our organization Don t be shocked they will be in very special cells Cages is a better word But it would be the greatest waste to eliminate them not only would each spy be replaced with someone new but also killing these traitors would tell the Warden that we have penetrated his secrets How to fight backLet s get back to the basic problem how we are to cope when we find ourselves facing Terra David facing Goliath Oh Been hoping that would go away Mike You really have ideas I said I did Man he answered plaintively We can throw rocks Bog s sake No time for jokes But Man he protested we can throw rocks at Terra We will And throw rocks is what they doA space war with rocks Enjoy

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