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Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Summary ´ 108 Read & Download Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Te’s creed the truth about his heritage and how to handle his growing attraction to Rourke he wonders when his life turned from TV sitcom to real life danger zone And what price must he pay to survive the next roll of the dice Warning Contains PG 13 rated violence R rated language and X rated hotel scenes Meta humor pop culture humor utter disregard for the 4th wall abou. DNF at 56%I was able to push myself until half way through the book when I realized heck I didn t bloody care about these characters or storyline so why should I continue I think I have read enough urban fantasy paranormal series to know what works for me and what doesn t This one falls into the latter The whole world built and the idea of the Coyotes Dogs Foxes and the Feud didn t grab me I thought it was rather confusing and I found my eyes glazing over through the explanations and the tales that Roarke was telling I also thought that there were too many detours in order to get the uest of Spencer getting the urn I couldn t connect to the characters nor the writing maybe it is excellent for others but to me it s just not as sharp and clear as I prefer it to be Plus I couldn t care less about an 18 year old who seemed to just get so horny ever since he opened up about his true selfOh and the whole age gap with the uncle thing At first I wasn t bothered with it because it is the kind of context in a urban fantasyparanormal series that is acceptable since Roarke is uite old but then I found out about Roarke view spoilercourting Spencer s mother before she settled down with Spencer s father hide spoiler

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Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1

Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Summary ´ 108 Read & Download Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Always have an ace up your sleeveBroken Mirrors Book 1If con games were taught in high school Spencer Crain would be on the honor roll As it is he’ll be riding the edge of failure to graduation next month Then Spence gets the news that his long gone father is not only dead but was a Coyote one of three clans of tricksters in the CityWith a near catatonic mother on his ha. You know what this story is It s a giant ball of pure 100% Grade A fun The entertainment value alone is worth 4 stars And Spencer s the MC voice is refreshing The self deprecating humor is uniue and appealing There is just something about breaking through the fourth wall that really appeals to me Kinda like the in the movie Ferris Bueller And c mon who DIDN T like that movieI enjoyed the hell outta this book

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Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Summary ´ 108 Read & Download Coyotes Creed Broken Mirrors #1 Nds Spence couldn’t care less about the Coyotes’ ongoing feud with the Phouka and the Kitsune until it lands on his doorstep Suddenly he’s thrown headfirst into a dangerous world he knows next to nothing about His only guide is Rourke dashing King of the Phouka plus a growing pack of half siblings a god and Fate herselfAs Spence embarks on a journey to learn the Coyo. Coyote s CreedFive five five five let s sing a song about five that s from Sesame Street in case you aren t a fan of PBS this book is easily five stars It s hilariously funny laugh out loud in some parts and very clever Spencer is a big TV addict and his life is filled with references to shows and in particular common tropes associated with plots and characters and action He constantly refers to himself as the hero and what should happen to him such as having amazing powers when in reality he s convinced he s going to die and how that is just not fair A typical uoteI slumped in my seat Thank God I mean I don t want to be the first to die The funny guy always dies first for shock value you know Rourke would get killed next because it d be a hero sacrifice or something I motion to Shiko You d live though unless you had sex Another time he s convinced he s going to die because as a half breed he s a minority has had too much sex recently he s walking through a cemetery alone under a full moon and is the funny guy of course He just knows the zombies are waiting to kill him Spence tells his story talking to you the reader saying things like he s not going to go into details about something because it s just embarrassing and you don t need to know Or he ll share something s along the lines of him whimpering in the face of danger and then says something like Fuck you you know you would too He knows he s not hero material and he s teased by the other characters about being dumb but he reads Wikipedia has great synopses of books and it s reading right and he s good at Scrabble he claims His reactions are normal and expected behavior except for his insane lust He doesn t suddenly confess his undying love for his romantic partner as soon as they early on which is refreshing There is a lot of jumping into bed and jumping intonthecback of cars and jumping to the floor for very hot and informative sex He explains the sensations and specifics of the first time he does each thing of gay sex And he s bi How many heroes are bi Well my new hero is The plot hinges on some science that is normally ignored in stories due to convenience The realism in that regard is fabulous He s a realistic teen boy too in many ways always horny lazy smart ass and convinced that the Zombie Apocalypse is likely because there is science proving its a possibility And he takes care if his mom who is very ill He even cries when people he loves are hurt or he s tripped or something although he tries not to admit it I worried about the extreme difference in age and the sort of familial relationship they once had But somehow it worked I think removing the malefemale dynamics and sexism helped and also that the younger guy is pretty much in control and somewhat using the older guy He takes advantage of people but he knows this and does feel guilty about it He tries to change with Rourke but he s a teenage boy and there s sex involved Really hot sex did I mention that At one point I decided I was a gay man cleverly disguised Though I think I would have given myself fake breasts that were bigger than my real ones which have in common with kiwis than melon If this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable don t read the book I can t tell you how much I loved this book It was one if the best books I ve read in a long time Highly recommended if you re good with explicit gay sex and hearing a teenage biy s innermost thoughts

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