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  • Northern Lights
  • Philip Pullman
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  • 03 February 2017
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CHARACTERS â DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Philip Pullman Philip Pullman ☆ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Northern Lights E her fearsome uncle Asriel is trying to build a bridge to a parallel worldCan one small girl make a difference in such great and terrible endeavors This is Lyra a sa 25I never read this as a kid and maybe I would have enjoyed it if I had but it was just okay for me

CHARACTERS â DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Philip PullmanNorthern Lights

CHARACTERS â DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Philip Pullman Philip Pullman ☆ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Northern Lights Vage a schemer a liar and as fierce and true a champion as Roger or Asriel could want but what Lyra doesn't know is that to help one of them will be to betray the oth 98171 I cleared my rating If that doesn t sufficiently refute the claim that I just wanted to give THE GOLDEN COMPASS 10 star then you re irrational and further discussion is pointless 2 I am a BOOK REVIEW BLOGGER That s what I do If you want to make cracks about being a trophy wife go right ahead but to insinuate that I would skim a book to have the minimum knowledge reuired to give the appearance of having read it so that I can give it a bad review bc reasons is an attack on my character and work ethic I m not some conservative religious zealot who think books with magic are sending our children straight to hell I don t have children I m not a Christian I do however have four nephews all under eight years old that I have already given HARRY POTTER and many many other similar books THE GOLDEN COMPASS not among them3 In regards to my perceived lack of faith in a child s intelligence I m baffled that you think that s the only issue Children aren t stupid They have good instincts Shame on youAre you going to tell me that children also have excellent impulse control That they re always rational That they aren t capable of making bad decisions when overwrought And am I also to assume that you all strictly adhered to the suggested age reuirements on books None of you were specifically informed that you read several grade levels ahead of your peers This isn t the simple issue some of you are trying to make it You MUST know I m a advocate for free thought for going against the grain for individuality vs hive mentality I believe it s important to teach children to uestion to think for themselvesBUTI feel this book crosses a line for its intended audience The two adults Lyra should be most dependent on are villains and whether or not there are good role models among the secondary cast of characters they are SECONDARY ultimately insignificant roles as evidenced when dollface takes off on her own bc her parents cannot be trusted and she knows better than they do The fact that it s true in her scenario is exactly what concerns meYou can draw a straight line through all the steps on the path to a child s inevitable conclusion that Adults are the Enemy and to do good to do right you cannot trust or obey themI think that s a very dangerous potentially harmful thing to teach a child You don t have to agree with me In fact the whole reason I m writing this years after I read the book is bc I didn t want to be that person who essentially outlines their own possibly contradictory review on someone else s post Bc those people suck FYI read between the linesI don t recommend this book for readers not in their teens Yes some children mature faster than others and especially if the child in uestion is your own you re the best judge of what is appropriate I would never tell anyone what to do with their children I am merely voicing a concern and suggesting that one might consider personally screening THE GOLDEN COMPASS before passing along to young impressionable minds This is my opinion If you are violently opposed to it I invite you to WRITE AND POST YOUR OWN REVIEW

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CHARACTERS â DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Philip Pullman Philip Pullman ☆ 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Northern Lights Lyra is rushing to the cold far North where witch clans and ard bears rule North where the Gobblers take the children they steal including her friend Roger North wher This novel is an absolute work of pure genius and is in my top ten reads of all time Before I go into the depths of character and plot let me start by saying this book is up there with other fantasy hard hitters by this I mean books like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia the books that define the genre This is high praise indeed and this novel is worthy of it The protagonist of the book is Lyra a young girl who is parentless and seemingly friendless She has grown up in an Oxford College and has developed a detachment to her guardians She spends her days enjoying her youth and harassing those that turn out to be some of her greatest allies For her this book is a journey of self discovery a way of exploring the limits of her character and potential Her adventure sees her befriend an armoured polar bear and become the wielder of the golden compass This is initially described as a lie detector but it is apparent that the depths of its power have not been fully explored It lay heavily in her handsthe crystal face gleaming the brass body exuisitely machined It was very much like a clock or a compass for there were hands pointing around the dial but instead of the hours or the points of a compass there were several little pictures with extraordinary precision as if on ivory with the slenderest sable brush She turned the dial around to look at them all There was an anchor an hourglass surmounted by a skull a bull a beehiveThirty six altogether and she couldn t even guess what they meantThis book retains all the classic elements of fantasy magic mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena The world Pullman has created is physically intertwined with our own there are references to cities and countries in which his idea has been planted Each human has a daemon that is essentially their soul These take on the form of an animal that is representative of the person for example someone who is enthusiastic and friendly has a colourful cat whereas as solider has a wolf or a hound The author does very little to explain this It is just thing thing that we are told about at the start but through the book but we begin to see the significance of it The fact that children s daemons change is a subtle hint how children can be influenced and have not found their identity where as adults are secure and confident In this the author has created an air of mystery as we explore the true meaning of the bond as we read further The plot is fantastic The author manages to surprise the reader on several occasions as he drops several massive plot turns This sees the story go into unexpected directions From the beginning of reading a book you begin to predict what will happen Some books are completely predictable and obvious in their direction this one was not I physically gasped at some moments as I found myself awed by the author s storytelling this is when several characters origins in relation to Lyra are defined The book begins as a simple rescue mission but ends as a story that is uestioning the morals of all characters involved The fate of the characters is destined in the mysteriousness of the northern lights the gateway to beyond This is one of those books that is applicable to all ages it originally appears to be a children s book but it can be enjoyed by anyone Much of the content in here touches on themes that most children would not comprehend fully never mind be able to philosophise about The author considers spirituality religion morals and the existence of the soul amongst other things Most children would not pick up on these references and understand the significance of them however they would still adore the bookThe book can be seen as two separate entities existing at the same time the first and most obvious is the one that appeals to children the saving of innocents from despotic adults with lots of exciting characters The second is on a deeper scale the author explores the conflicting powers of science and religion manipulation and morality in terms of actions being for a greater good In this the author is a genius he has wrote a book that can be both a children s bed time read and an adult s point of ponderingYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree