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  • Hardcover
  • 216
  • Corpus Delicti Ein Prozess
  • Juli Zeh
  • Dutch
  • 13 December 2017
  • 9789041415141

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Juli Zeh ´ 0 Read Read & Download Corpus Delicti Ein Prozess 100 Gelukkig te zijn Een enkeling verzet zich tegen het systeem zoals broer en zus Mia en Moritz Holl Het land van de METHODE is de uiterste. This story is set in the future in the middle decades of this century Juli Zeh imagines a scenario where the governments of the world have abandoned all political systems except one the Method All industry that damages the air or soil uality has ceased and the primary focus is on maintaining optimum health in the population by means of strict controls of food drink drugs health hygiene exercise and genetic data People live in controlled areas and anywhere beyond those areas is considered potentially contaminated and therefore forbidden A lot of things are forbidden Zeh has created an extreme version of the Nanny State where the individual matters little except in relation to the group and reason has replaced religionThe style tripped me up at the beginning There is a lot of dialogue and it rarely sounds natural At first I thought this might be a translation problem but then I began to imagine the novel as a play and suddenly it worked for me The dialogue is like a set of speeches the characters s words sound like they are meant to be declaimed like a series of perfect sound bites The action of the novel could easily take place on stage too as there are very few characters and a limited number of settings I think it would work very well as a provocative piece of theatreThe plot is interesting even intriguing in some places There were a few details that weren t sufficiently explained but that may have been my failure to understand some of the finer points The main characters are sparsely drawn but nevertheless I found them all realistic except for one Heinrich Kramer the originator of the Method whose multi functional role in the plot I found unlikely On another level however I could see how he fitted in Every story needs a likeable devil

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Corpus Delicti Ein Prozess

Juli Zeh ´ 0 Read Read & Download Corpus Delicti Ein Prozess 100 In de autoritaire samenleving heerst de METHODE die mensen een streng gezondheidsregime oplegt Iedereen is verplicht gezond en daardoor. UnconvincingI have to admit that dystopian visions of a totalitarian future are not high on my list of favourite genres unless of course it s Orwell but the very first line of this really got my hackles upGesundheit ist ein Zustand des vollkommenen k rperlichen geistigen und sozialen Wohlbefindens und nicht die blo e Abwesenheit von Krankheit Health is a state of complete physical spiritual and social wellbeing and not the mere absence of disease Oh bollocks Health is the absence of disease no and no less You can t be healthy than healthy The prologue continues in an overblown artificially grand sounding declamatory style which so set my teeth on edge that I immediately googled the purported author only to find that Heinrich Kremer does not exist at least not as the author of a treatise on health as principle of governmental legitimisation He did exist once as a German inuisitor of the 15th centuryOh OK so this is a spoof I geddit Unfortunately it is also the premise for this future world one in which the health police have taken over and run an over efficient Nanny state in which any kind of behaviour that might be a risk to health is forbidden in which the citizens are expected to keep tabs on and report their blood count sleep patterns nutrition diary blood pressure urine samples sport profiles etc etc etcAnother admission I ve only read 30 pages but so far there is no explanation of how we got from here to there I mean most New World Orders need some kind of previous cataclysm to warrant their existence something like a world wide war or a devastating environmental disaster disease pestilence whatever Something adeuately destabilizing which makes the formation of a totalitarian state vaguely plausible Juli Zeh will probably claim that this is not meant to be a realistic vision of the future but rather a model to examine what the conseuences of state control of our health might be But I can t help feeling that she is tilting at the wrong windmills It may well be true that there is a kind of health brigade that try to persuade us that we can be even healthy than healthy but usually it s no than a marketing ploy to push some spurious health giving product super food or anti oxidant or a wellness programme that is mostly designed to part me from my money how will that make me feel betterIt s true that there are numerous government campaigns to persuade us to eat fruit and veg lose weight uit smoking and so on but the only reason why these campaigns are numerous and strident is precisely because governments are well aware that the three single measures that would improve the general health of the nation in one fell swoop are absolutely unthinkable All any government really needs to do is make smoking alcohol and cured meat illegal There you go Easy Er no Because the one sacred value of our Western democratic world the one that outweighs all the rest put together is freedom The freedom to fuck your life up any way you want to The totalitarianism of this model is getting in the way of what might have been a sensible appraisal of how to curb spiralling health care costs Next

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Juli Zeh ´ 0 Read Read & Download Corpus Delicti Ein Prozess 100 Conseuentie van een gedachtegoed ziek zijn als misdaad Preventie is het opperste gebod en vereist de volledige controle van ieders gedr. The books is advertised as a dystopian science fiction novel but what it resembles is a philosophical treatise presented in the form of a polylogue between people with various convictions and backgrounds which make the thoughts three dimensional The story is there only to give their positions weight This is something Western philosophy has done since Plato and should do often But understandably if you decide to read Plato or Berkeley s Hylas and Philonous for example for their narrative ualities you may not understand why other people think so highly of them For me it was the other way round Some of the plotpoints toward the end almost got a star off this book but then I decided to keep it as the philosophy the language and also the anchoring of various thoughts in human types was so much better than f ex the thought experiments of uite a few highly acclaimed moral philosophers who present us with much worse stuff under the guise of academic philosophy So uite clearly this is not the book to be picked up at random and definitely not one for a reader of science fiction which probably explains many of the relatively low marks given to it by other readers And clearly it is not for a tired evening after lots of work This is the second book I ve read by Juli Zeh the first was Dark Matter which I also liked a lot and I hope to read