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characters Much Obliged review Much Obliged 100 John Fitzwilliam and Addie Winstead were engaged to one another by their fathers long before the pair had anything to say about the matterYet over the years Addie has carried a torch for the seductive prizefighter whose amorous escapades demanded she hide her feelings and he. I found this title on a list of funny Regencies and those who know my reading habits know I m a sucker for witty Regency dialog and amusing situations So it s no surprise that I tracked this down finally getting a copy through paperbackswap I was so excited to begin But I was uickly disappointed I realize that humor is different to different people but as I read this I kept waiting for something funny Something amusing Something to make me smile Anything I didn t see the clever dialogue others mentioned And the characters were so boring I kept forgetting who they were Every time I picked up this book even a few hours later I had to remind myself what I was reading and what this book was about That just doesn t happen with me I kept having to reread the back and dive into the first few pages again to remember what was going on So at about 30% I gave up Not funny not amusing The best I could call what I read was light NB My idea of funny Regencies include The Unknown Ajax and plenty of other Heyers The Temporary Wife Just Like Heaven Miss Grimsley s Oxford Career and many others I was hoping this book could join that list

characters Much Obliged

Much Obliged

characters Much Obliged review Much Obliged 100 R hopes and focus on earning an income for her household by secretly writing a popular boxing column in the London Post Ever the professional Addie must report in detail even her beloved's most embarrassing defeatAnd despite himself perhaps it was the knock he took the head. I laugh through this whole book I find the play between the characters to be perfect Addie is a fantastic character who is torn between her head and her heart The side characters are all wonderful and rich and add a lot to the story You really see the whole situation involved not just one side of it The romantic scenes are some of my favorite ever Truly a great readhttpcleanromancereviewsblogspotcom

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characters Much Obliged review Much Obliged 100 Or likely an arrow to his heart Fitz suddenly feels a delicious new longing for lovely Addie But when a passionate kiss turns into scandal will he be forced to defend Addie's honor in the ring Worse will Addie have no choice but to deny her greatest love in order to save him. Much Obliged PGPG13Violence fisticuffsLanguage 20 swearsSex descriptive kissing loads of references to kept womenJessica Benson is a Regency ROCKSTAR I happened upon this while deep diving looking for clean romance I cannot believe she hasn t e published This is the second book of hers that I ve read and I m looking for

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