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The Diary of Annas Submission

Free download The Diary of Annas Submission 105 Knows she wants to be at the mercy of a dominating man one who can show her what it really means to submitWhen she is propositioned by Felix a Dominant at the local BDSM club Anna has to make the choice to either accept what Felix h. Remember when you were a little girl and you kept a diary of all those silly things you did those crazy feelings rushing through you and oh those cute boys Well Anna s diary is all that and so much The Diary of Anna s Submission by Jenika Snow is written from the heroine Anna s perspective in the form of her diary To be honest I wasn t sure what to expect but had high expectation because I so much enjoyed the author s previous works Well disappointed I was not Reading this book is truly like reading someone s diary there were times when I cringed and felt like I was reading thoughts intended to be kept private Yep the realism was that good For my full review go to

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Free download The Diary of Annas Submission 105 As to offer or leave behind an experience that will forever change her lifeDeciding to let Master Felix train her in the art of being a true submissive Anna takes a journey that will bare her soul and leave her body deliciously sore. The courage to admit what you need is not something everyone has and to see Anna slowly come to grips with her desires is an exciting thing to watch You can practically feel her sexual tension vibrate right off the page with every exploration Felix is an enigma to me for the most part and I would really love to get into his head as he seems like such a fascinating man The transformation in Anna s life is tremendous and I could easily imagine this being the beginning of an amazing seriesLototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MorehttpcoffeetimeromancecomBookRevi

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Free download The Diary of Annas Submission 105 Anna has dark and taboo desires that leave her feeling ashamed and unnatural All she can think about is how it would feel to let a man possess her in the most primal of ways Despite her inexperience and the fact she is a virgin she. Anna feels she is drifting in life so she starts a diary Little known to her the one visit she made to the BDSM club last year caught the attention of an extremely controlling Dom who is making his move to capture her She decides to take a week off and spend it at a cabin she got a flyer for and it is her Dom Felix He takes her on an amazing journey and leaves her at the end She tried to pull herself together and move on with her life but finds she can t forget him She finally gets enough courage to ask for another chance but he again rebuffs her Just as she has given up all hope he comes back into her life The fact the story is told from her diary made an interesting aspect to the book Everything had happened or she was hoping it happened with the standard gaps that occur in diary writing It made the story interesting as the viewpoint was extremely personal