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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Ghost Light
  • Joseph O'Connor
  • English
  • 28 November 2017
  • 9781250002310

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Download ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Joseph O'Connor Joseph O'Connor  4 Read & Download Free read Ghost Light Ombsites Contrasting with the down at heel circumstances to which she is reduced are memories rendered with sensuous freshness and vernacular wit of her rich past especially her Joseph O Connor has fashioned a marvelous novel a reimaging of the love affair of John Millington Synge the famous playwright of Playboy of the Western World and other fine works and the younger less well stationed Molly Allgood who performed under the name of Maire O Neill Certain biographers will want to beat me with a turf shovel O Connor states in his aftermath Indeed in reading that aftermath this is not the book for those who are seeking a historically correct look into these principals It is definitely fictionBut what fiction it is It sings glows and at times reads like sheer poetry There are hints of James Joyce in the stream of consciousness It all flows from the title Ghost Light which O Connor defines later in the book An ancient superstition among people of the stage One lamp must always be left burning when the theatre is dark so the ghosts can perform their own play And within the confines of this novel these ghosts definitely do The play begins in 1952 Molly now uite old and penurious is in London where is to record a radio play for the BBC studios There in an alcoholic haze she muses upon the highlights of her life as an actress at Abbey Theatre of Dublin her acuaintance with Yeats and most of all her love affair with the much older John M SyngeShe remembers that Synge was a man who could see into things very ordinary thingsHis imagination or soul or whatever province of his mind was hungry for the sustaining rain of the world would soak in the storms of his own haunted strangeness and the berries would bloom and they were what they were and if the tendrils were peculiar and some of them wild the fruits were so shockingly luscious and potent that the thirsty were willing to savour the bitter for the sake of the concomitant sweet Ah poetry By using the documented framework of Synge his ascension to the top of his craft his complicated relationship with his widowed mother who strongly disapproved of his liaison his engagement to Molly his early death at age 37 Mr O Connor expands his story weaving fiction in with the fact His portrayal of Molly playful wayward with a spirited independence is sublime And then Mr O Connor goes further also weaving some highlights of the Abbey Theatre and the cruelty of class consciousness into his tapestry A most amazing book and very recommended by this reader

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Download ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Joseph O'Connor Joseph O'Connor  4 Read & Download Free read Ghost Light This involving novel puts you inside the mind of Molly Allgood an elderly actress wandering around the brilliantly evoked 1950s London of crumbling lodging houses and uncleared b Dublin 1907 a young Irish actress embarks on a doomed affair with John Millington Synge the Irish playwright In the 1950s an old impoverished woman makes her way across London reminscing about her glory days as an acclaimed actress and her relationship with the enigmatic Synge This is a demanding read like poetry than prose reuiring the reader to slow down and savour every word even having to reread sections at times The second person narration also reuires some effort on the reader s part but once accustomed to it you get a real feel for Molly Allgood and the deep passion she felt for Synge Molly takes centre stage in this stream of consciousness narrative which flits between the faded grandeur of her life in the 50s and the vitality and exhuberance of her character in 1907 the year in which she meets Synge and becomes the inspiration for Pegeen the leading female character in The Playboy of the Western WorldIreland is in a state of chassis uoting from Juno and the Paycock Sean O Caseyin 1907 as the country moves towards independence and Molly and Synge s relationship seems eually tumultuous coming as they do from opposing religions social status and age but this is not a historical novel as such but rather a reimagining of a love story Molly is an extremely engaging character vivacious in her youth resourceful and witty in her later years holding her head up high despite her straitened circumstances with the odd nip of gin providing a much needed boostThere are eual amounts of tragedy and comedy in this character driven tale Ultimately it is an uplifting tale despite the doom laden nature of the key players relationship the difference in class the social disapproval and ultimately Synge s untimely death from Hodgkin s disease Molly shines through the gloom and there s a mischievous glint in her eye and a vitality which remains with the readerIf you appreciate beautifully written prose and the stream of consciousness style you will thoroughly enjoy this delicate love story prior knowledge of Synge s literary opus is not a prereuisite but I now feel compelled to revisit The Playboy of the Western World last viewed about 30 years ago for O Level English

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Download ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Joseph O'Connor Joseph O'Connor  4 Read & Download Free read Ghost Light Love affair in 1907 Dublin with the Abbey Theatre playwright John Synge in whose The Playboy of the Western World she starred Peter Kemp The Sunday Times London Books of the Yea Ghost Light by Joseph O Connor is a brilliant and complex book It is one of the best books I have read in the last five years The language is poetic and hallucinatory and this is a book where one can t skip passages or lines Every word is necessary and the whole is a gift put together with the greatest care and loveThe novel is about a grand love affair between Molly Allgood an actress stage name Maire O Neill and the playwright John Synge most well known for his play Playboy of the Western World The book starts out in 1952 on the streets of post war London Molly 67 years old is walking the cold blustery city and freezing She lives in a hovel and drinks too much She is hungry and cold going from one sheltered spot to another and hallucinating from the the alcohol her hunger and her freezing She is on her way to a BBC radio reading and on her way she remembers in broken dream seuences her relationship with John SyngeMolly and John Synge had an affair and at the time of their affair she was eighteen years old and he was thirty six John was very ill most likely with lymphoma but perhaps tuberculosis or some other lung disease He had one neck surgery after another He lived only two years after they met They came from opposite sides of the tracks Molly was an actress who was from a mixed marriage protestant and catholic and she worked with her mother in a drapery shop John came from old money and was of protestant background He had a symbiotic relationship with his mother which made his relationship with Molly doomed from the start as his mother would not permit him to bring Molly home and threatened to cut off his trust fund should he marry herThe book goes back and forth in time from 1952 London to 1905 Dublin where Molly and John were involved in a theater group John was the resident playwright for William Yeats and the Grand Dame of the theater was Lady Augusta Gregory Molly was an actress in the theater troupe In those days it was very risu for women to actMolly and John had to keep their affair a secret because John was terribly afraid of anyone finding out He and Molly met on trains and traveled to Wicklow together for a vacation but acted like they did not know one another in Dublin The affair was tender and poignant John was very ill and the marriage was doomed from the start never to be realized They remained engaged until John s death John called Molly his Pegeen his Changeling girlWe travel with Molly to the United States where she acted after John s death She recollects the plays she was in and the popularity she had She ended up marrying a philandering husband and had two children a son who died during World War II and a daughter from whom she is semi estranged because she can not get along with her son in lawThe novel contains imagined letters and real letters between the two lovers and hallucinatory memories from Molly s desperate mind as she tries to stay alive despite the difficult circumstances she finds herself in My favorite parts of the novel are when it travels to 1905 and the reader gets to participate in the acting troupe with the great Synge and YeatsParts of this novel are true and other parts are fictional according to Mr O Connor Mr O Connor grew up in Dublin near the Synge house and was fascinated by the playwright s life This novel is the outcome of his fascination In some ways it reminded me of the poetic beauty of Colum McCann s Let the Great World Spin Sense of place is very important This is a novel with grand scope and great beauty one that will not be forgotten by any lover of literature