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  • Whores and Other Feminists
  • Jill Nagle
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  • 04 November 2019
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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Whores and Other Feminists Whores and Other Feminists fleshes out feminist politics from the perspective of sex workers strippers prostitutes porn writers producers and performers dominatrices and their a I am SO glad to have finally read this one which has been on my to read shelf for years Considered one of the vaginal as opposed to seminal get it works on the intersection of sex work feminism this anthology had it all From working class to high class from butch to femme even an essay or two on male sex workers Whores elegantly discusses the need for abolitionist feminists to re consider their stance that all sex work is bad and wrong and harms all women everywhere always If you re curious about what it means to be a pro sexworker feminist READ THIS BOOK

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Whores and Other Feminists

READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Whores and Other Feminists T stretches the boundaries of contemporary feminism holding accountable both traditional feminism for stigmatizing sex workers and also the sex industry for its sexist practices Having read other books and blogs devoted to examining sex work and feminism before reading this one I have to say I was a little disappointed Because the book was written exclusively by people in San Francisco it lacks the range of other sex work collections I don t know if anyone else noticed but it seemed like half the essays were written by women who were at one time or another employed at the Lusty Lady Everyone in the collection was basically repeating the same talking points to the extent that I actually started skipping intros and a couple of the essays due to the repetitionThat being said this book is famously one of the first sex work positive collections ever released and feminism owes it for that I saw it and still see it as sort of a must read for this particular part of the discourse However if you re looking for a broader view and even a couple of negative essays I d recommend the recent Hos Hookers Call Girls and Rent Boys


READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Whores and Other Feminists Llies Comprising a range of voices from both within and outside the academy this collection draws from traditional feminisms postmodern feminism ueer theory and sex radicalism I It s no wonder that whore stigma attaches itself viciously to women than to men for in this society a sexually emancipated woman is threatening and despised neither slut nor whore is a name most women want to wear Sex workers cross this line either proudly or not for money adventures or rebellion This is an informative well contributed anthology with essays from various members of the sex industry These people range from prostitutes to strippers to porn stars and porn writers to sex phone operators to dominatrixes to peepshow workers Each of them give their insight into the sex industry and explain how their jobs contribute to their feminist perspectivesThe truth of the matter is traditional feminism views many sex jobs as objectifying and demeaning towards women Such is that these sex workers who feel empowered and confident in their jobs feel excluded from the feminist category despite their activist mindsetsThe stories from these women and men are really fascinating Many of them acknowledge that not everyone in the sex industry is there willingly and that not everyone who is in it willingly will enjoy it For them though being a sex worker enhances their confidence and well being and for some it even becomes liberating I really enjoyed reading from these perspectives as well as learning from this gray area of the world It is antisex sentiment or erotophobia that leads to such a strong distinction between sex work and other types of work available to women on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder My biggest complain is that not every essay mentions how feminism ties into the specific jobs these people are engaging in Many of them simply explain what the job consists of and leaves out the struggle of keeping the feminist label while being a sex worker That s something I would have liked to see throughout but then again some essays were just too short Regardless I highly enjoyed this collection It s even interesting that it s set in the 90 s so there have obviously been some changes since then I m not sure if peepshow workers still existI recommend this to fellow feminists or anyone interested in feminism and the sex industry It could be simple seeing these two things as complete paradoxes but they do have strong connections especially in an individual sense Sex has historically been key to controlling women The hatred of women began with the fear of our sexual power