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read & download Ringu リング download Ý eBook or Kindle ePUB  Kōji Suzuki Kōji Suzuki  3 free download Met een van doodsangst vertrokken gezicht Zijn onderzoek leidt naar een vakantiepark waar de vier precies een week voor hun dood gezamenlijk een videoband hebben bekeken. First off I want to say that English is not my mother tongue I try my best to avoid mistakes but I m sure the text contains errorsTrigger warning RapeREVIEW CONTINUES IN COMMENT SECTIONNow to the reviewI ve read The Ring for a Seminar on Japanese contemporary literature and literary discourse I read parts of the original Japanese novel and the German translation which is a translation from the English translation Yes this happens often than we academics wished for Translations are already tricky but to be so lazy as to translate a translation I have no words for this incredibly stupid practice of German publishing companies They did this with Mishima Yukio s Confessions of a Mask also translated from English to German No they did not bother to make a new translation from Japanese yet We only have the translation from 1964 Good job publishersBack to the topicLike many others I have seen the movies the whole Japanese Ringu series and the American version The Ring I was excited to read the novel since I expected something intriguing uncanny a well developed plot and a deeper insight into the characters Unfortunately I am rather disappointedIt s not a terrible book but while reading it I had the feeling I was holding the first draft instead of a published novel There are several points I want to mention to illustrate what exactly irked me1 The writing styleI have read worse but I have read better Suzuki writes very simplistic and while I think that a simple writing style per se is not bad it seemed that he just couldn t write better In many instances he focuses on the wrong details For example the first chapter is a very long very boring description of building neighborhood and so forth that do not add to the setting It is a dull description with no connection or payoff with the mystery that is going on inside the house I didn t matter how the neighborhood looked like at all since the main part of the story was inside the character her thoughts fears anxiety etc and the horror that took her lifeAnother problem was the lack of sensory descriptions It was a lot of telling and almost no showing If Suzuki described something it was almost entirely visual and in second place what the character felt like No smell no taste no touch no audio This makes it very difficult to fully emerge into the story It s even worse because the plot doesn t really affect the characters Asakawa is understandably disturbed and concerned but he s such a whiny arrogant prick that I don t care what happens to him And when he says This here is very disturbing to me I as a reader don t care because it s not only too much telling instead of showing there is seldom any real conseuence from what is happening Sure whiny panicking but does Asakawa actually DO than that Nope He prefers to angst about his misunderstood intellect that poor righteous soulAlso the plotting doesn t always workAsakawa decides to take a taxi The driver reports from a mysterious sudden death of a young man on his motor bike The young man falls to the ground while clutching his throat and then he dies Just like that Asakawa is immediately intrigued although he shouldn t In reality it s just a random death and as a journalist Asakawa has surely heard hundreds and thousands of stories about people dying But no because the author knows the story is relevant Asakawa feels it s relevant Instincts he calls it I call it bullshitThe driver then says after Asakawa asks that the young man died from a heart attack on day XY HERE is when Asakawa should have been interested because the boy died the same day same hour and because of the same reason as his niece died THIS should have caught his attention Not some random dude dyingSuzuki this is not how it worksThis instinct or deus ex machine plot driving machine happens uite often2 PlotholesThere are minor and bigger plotholesSome of the smaller ones are inconsistencies from one page to the other The first chapter the girls describes how a moth flies through a window into her room flutters a little bit around and out it goes again Just two or three pages later she sees a fly and wonders how it got into the room since everything was closed What She JUST described how a moth flew in and out of her open window but the fly is oh so mysteriousAnother scene Asakawa drives during the night to the holiday park inn It s heavily raining He clearly says that he stops the windshield wipers when the rain stops Just a few pages later he says that he hadn t noticed how the rain had stopped What againI can get that he was so caught up in thoughts and fearanticipation he might have not noticed the rain stop but AFTER he consciously stopped the wipers clearly thinking Oh it s not raining any better stop using these and then he forgets How is that possibleThese mistakes are small but show how much care was put into writing the story And I haven t even started with the bigger plotholes yet3 Media and science is bad y allI love good stories and non fiction booksdiscussionwhatever about the good and bad of media and science Both things are incredibly important for our society They are great tools for information advancement and education which in a perfect world would lead to progressOf course there are the darker sides Just off the top of my head propaganda misinformation falsification of data instrumentalization for war machinery the uestion of whether we should make experiment A or B and the moral stands the dangers of robotizing society and much As with many things in life it depends on how you use it and what forSuzuki on the other hand knows better He has found the hidden and ugly face of media and science THEY ARE EVILIf I had known that it was this simpleAsakawa is a journalist himself and while Suzuki shoves in some media is not all bad and well science and technology are useful he always follows it with his big glaring billboard sized BUT What follows is the same one sided BS you hear when someone starts with I m not a racist but The book is set in 1991 if I m not mistakenmaybe 1989 Asawaka and his boss think of his catastrophic failure from two years ago where he wrote an article with occultist elements Apparently two years before the story about Asakawa and Sadako happened Japan had a huge wave of occultist hysteria with commoners sending stories to newspaper publishers First they make fun of the stupid Japanese non journalistic population because Haha look at those idiots All of Japan s media ignored the happening destroyed the texts and congratulated themselves for their elitist club Then when it is clear that spooky shit is happening Asakawa goes full idiot mode Media didn t believe them but supernatural things are real They do happen Those ignorant journalists and scientists Excuse me but what exactly are you getting all worked up forIf there is something supernatural going on prove it Show it to scientists and then see what happens Don t blame media for being skeptical if they don t believe in the boogeyman although there never was any proof for his existenceIt gets worse Warning this part contains spoilers on Sadako s backstoryShizuko Sadako s mother had supernatural powers commonly called as ESP She could see into the future read minds and other stuff Her husband a doctor wanted to proof that she had those powers In the beginning the media was all excited but soon skepticism grew since there were only written texts and no tangible proofs of her abilities Society and media scrutinized them That of course is awful but at the same time understandable Would you believe anyone on the internet who says Hey I can totally read people s minds Make a video and proof it Call scientists Nah just believe me it s real Didn t think soShizuka s husband then wants to proof her abilities in front of media and calls for a press conference All is ready cameras rolling people waiting but Shizuko fails the pressure and stress as well as the peoples thoughts they don t believe her and she hears that as well as the fact that she didn t want to do the test but her husband forced her too oh the sexism is another topic and all media attacks them Of course they think it s a shamWhile I do think that media can go too far when antagonizing certain people we shouldn t forget the fact that they were rightfully criticizing them since there was NO proof for Shizuko s ability WE as the reader know about her powers but why should the rest of the world just believe herExactly there is no reason toShizuko s later throws herself into a volcano Her husband gets very sick and dies also Sadako is an orphanWhat do Asakawa and Ryuji his BFF thinkWell of course Sadako is angry with the press and the WHOLE Japanese society The dared criticize them for magic abilities they couldn t prove Those evil bastards Yes the WHOLE Japanese society is responsible for Shizuko s deathHow about this Sadako s father is responsibleBoom mind blown He forced her to prove her powers and Shizuko failed because of the pressure and antagonizing energy towards her Instead of blaming the person responsible for her failure her husband Suzuki blames the press because how fucking dare they not believe in something clearly never witnessed before I mean they are after all being hunted by a magical killing video tape energy virusAs I said media might have gone overboard but come the fuck onIt s even worse because Suzuki says through Asawaka and Ryuji Yeah sciencetechnology is neat and all but scientists can t explain EVERYTHING therefore they are useless Lying fascistic pigs with no moral fiberScience is not here to dismiss magic and sit on a horse mightily judging the plebs If there is magic or EPS or whatever science will take a look at it and try to find out WHAT it is and HOW it worksIf someone can read minds and you have proof videos and lots of tests etc scientists will do everything to find out how it works because science is all about understanding what is there by proving and disprovingCan you imagine how it would change the world if there was a huge uantifiable source of ESP activityWell it would not only change the world as we know it it would become science since the difference between magic and science is I can uantify it and prove its existence now I have to understand how it worksSuzuki mentions several times how arrogant scientists are since they can t understand everything and they would discard prove of the supernatural because scientists are just arrogant elitist assholes and of course you should believe in magically killing video tapes y all I SAW itSince Suzuki has exactly two people talking about science and both are self congratulatory assholes about their incredibly philosophical dispute and just say Yep science is stupid because they don t believe the discourse ends with that ignorant statement and a glaring warning sign of Suzuki s inability to understand what the fuck science is all about4 Sexism and rapeBefore I start let me first say that I do not condemn the topic of rape or sexism in literature Both things are prevalent in our society and should have their space in literature as well Disgusting figures in literature have their right to exist because there are disgusting people in reality A book is not bad because rape or sexism happen it is bad when it uses rape for shock value with a side dish of apologist discourse and blatant internalized and never uestioned sexism by no oneLet s begin with something lightEvery time a woman talks or is about to talk Asakawa gets pissed as hellHis wife is concerned about his weird behavior OMG shut up I m busy investigating woman don t you see that s what the thinks Internally nagging about his wife Shizuko similar name to Sadako s mother yes but different kanji He even says that shizu comes from uiet so she should follow her name and shut the fuck upHow about you tell your wife something important is bugging you but you can t tell her right now but you will as soon as you are ready Talk to her like a fucking adult instead of dismissing her as the typical talkative wife which she clearly isn t You patronizing prickWhen Asakawa calls his in laws he is happy when Shizuko s father picks up because the mother in law would talk too much omg so annoying Geez women Ugh In a short scene on the video not part of Sadako s nightmare ride you see a program on literature with the male host male poet and the pretty looking bimbo girl This is how the book describes it I shit you not Look at that useless pretty girl Choke on that girlsThe receptionist working for Nagao appears below Stupid talkative bitchThe maybe gf of Ryuji Well she is pure and okay but mainly because she is oh so fucking pretty and skinny OMG soooo pretty Look at how pretty she is She is smart Who the fuck cares pretty Breasts Legs Innocence SkinnySadako OMG SOOOO PRETTY LIKE EVEN PRETTIER THAN RYUJI S GF OMG INSTABONERWomen talkative nagging ugly bitches or decorative elements for male sexual satisfactionThis is sexist for both men and womenAnd this shit is completely normal in the book Nobody thinks twice Of course women talk too much and annoy the poor hero Of course pretty women need to be fucked andor raped Of course women don t have any important position ever There are only there to look prettyOne girl in the course was all like Well what did you expect it was THOSE times and it s Japan Thank you I know Japan has major issues with sexism This does not mean that I should accept it without any criticism and join the club Just noYes there are very talkative women and women who use their looks but a none of these two things are represented in the books it s all male gaze and stereotyping things who aren t like that b all the women in the novel is just too fucking much c it s not an inherently female trait despite what patriarchy claims and d there s nothing inherently wrong in being pretty or using your looks as a career as long as you re not abusiveThis part will contain major spoilers and a HUGE plot twistReader s discretion advisedAsakawa is a journalist and since Suzuki is clearly a better writer than I am Asakawa is almost completely unable to think logically find and understand clues and interpret obvious messages That is why he needs help from his BFF Ryuji a professor of philosophy and rapistAsakawa loves to say how much he despises Ryuji and describes him as disgusting weird and unpleasant Why is he friends with him Because the plot says so There is no other fucking reasonWhile they talk about the dead kids and the tape Ryuji mentions that he did it again Asakawa explains how as a teenager he befriended Ryuji or rather Ryuji him Asakawa was 1617 waiting in class reading before school started when a still drunk Ryuji appears He then tells him how he got drunk took a stroll in the middle of the night and got a feeling of raping a woman he had seen So he goes to her apartment and wonder of wonders the door is magically open He gets in and rapes herAsakawa is disgusted and does absolutely nothing He doesn t tell anybody nor does he call the police I would have accepted it since he was still a teenager and probably scared himself But Ryuji later on continued raping Asakawa knew that and did jackshit to stop him Asakawa is around 33 to 35 years old is married and has an 18 months old daughter One could think that an adult a journalist a man with wife and daughter would somehow CARE for something like rape Nope Not himHe doesn t call the police Ever He doesn t even think he could or should But he is oh so utterly disgusted by Ryuji guysNow some who read the novel might say But it s not clear IF Ryuji really raped those women Well not only is the doubt of those rapes rather weak Asakawa STILL should have called the police numerous times He has a man confessing his crimes in detail His fucking job as a human being is to call the police tell them everything he knows and that s it It s then the police s job to see what happened and prove Ryuji s guiltThere is literally no reason at all for Asakawa to shut his trap other than he is too fucking stupid to solve the mystery himself so he befriends a rapist for over 15 years so one day that friend can save his stupid ass from a killer video tape virusBut this isn t enough Oh noNow we get to the grrrrreat bits with SadakoHere I warn again of major spoilers and plot twistsSadako goes to Tokyo when she s 1819 and joins a theater group We find out that one of the group s founder has the hots for her so of course he gets drunk and visits her in the middle of the night in her apartment The guy telling the story makes it clear that the dude wanted to rape her Everybody knew it no one cared Shit happens I guess eh ladiesThe next day he comes to practice but he s all pale and suddenly he dies It s clear that his rape attempt failed and later on we find out that Sadako who didn t go to rehearsal that day had killed him telepathicallyCongratulations Sadako you didn t get raped thanks to your excellent ESP skillsWomen now we know how to protect usThis is also a good tip for menSo to everyone reading this Remember if you don t want to get raped close your doors and get your supernatural skills growingIs this the endOf course notSadako visits her sick father in a sanatorium for people suffering from tuberculosis There works a young doctor who contracted smallpox called Nagao He sees Sadako talks to her and gets suddenly a dark urge a voice telling him to do things and all that crap also Ryuji used to excuse his rapesNagao lures her away and rapes her taking her virginity Sadako fights and bites a huge chunk of flesh out of his shoulder so that the bone is visible After the rape Nagao marvels at her breasts and the sunrays touching her glistening pubic hairs justdon t ask meseriously and then he looks again at her vagina and sees two fully grown testiclesYes Sadako is intersexHere comes the voice again telling him to do dark things so he throws her into the well throws down some rocks and kills her that wayNow the rape part is horrible but I could have lived with it if not for what happened right after Asakawa and Ryuji knew the truth Since Sadako has immense powers than her mother they conclude that she should have fought harder she already killed one dude so why not kill Nagao and that she must have known she was going to get rapedEven better she FORCED Nagao to rape and kill her which in their opinion is the dark voice in Nagao s head telling him to do so Nagao is basically Sadako s victim She forced him to rape her because she wanted revengeHow and whyWell Japanese society and media had killed her mother and since everyone is evil she wanted to take revenge Now Sadako is intersex a fact that has been hinted twice Once where a friend of Asakawa describes her he looks at a photo from her time during the theatre group as unbelievably beautiful like every other guy in the story in a very exaggerated creepy way but she lacks motherly ualities What the hell does that mean you ask SEE COMMENT SECTION

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read & download Ringu リング download Ý eBook or Kindle ePUB  Kōji Suzuki Kōji Suzuki  3 free download Eerst sterft er één meisje dan blijkt een vriend van haar ook te zijn omgekomen De doodsoorzaak is in beide gevallen een hartaanval Wanneer er nog een twee dode tieners. One of the few times in my life I can legitimately say that the movie was better than the book Oh and in case you re wondering I like the American and Japanese versions eually I do however like the Japanese seuel than the American seuelWhere did this go wrong Well I was enjoying this one until the introduction of the best friend Ryuji the Rapist I don t think it matters that Ryuji the Rapist might have been lying about his past Just having him in the book and believing for the majority of the book that he was a rapist ruined the rest of the novel for me As far as I m concerned him being Ryuji the Rapist did nothing for the plot or character development Making his true nature ambiguous in the end was eually frustrating I don t even care about what happened to himI will be continuing with the series though because Ryuji the Rapist won t be in future books and I liked the way this one ended I m interested in seeing how the author expands on this ideaThe translation is basic as hell The most passive voice I ve read in a long time I have no idea why it took two people to translate this I guess one to write the book in English and the other one to dumb down the text It s very easy to read yet bland as fuck Like Dean Koontz run through a coffee filterIn summation I could ve done without Ryuji and that than anything else affected my rating The basic writing is serviceable but that s about it Skip this one and watch the movies instead Final Judgment If you want people to care maybe don t make one of your main characters a rapist Thanks

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read & download Ringu リング download Ý eBook or Kindle ePUB  Kōji Suzuki Kōji Suzuki  3 free download Worden gevonden komt journalist Kazuyuki Asakawa bij toeval achter het verband tussen de sterfgevallen De jongeren zijn alle vier op precies hetzelfde tijdstip gestorven. The hit movie The Ring starring Naomi Watts is based off a Japanese movie called Ringu ring in Japanese and Ringu is based off of Koji Suzuki s novel Ring Most people probably know this story from the former two sources but I thought Ring the book was excellent in its own right The book is billed as a horror novel but it s not I found it was only somewhat scary two times once near the start of the book and once near the end It s really a mystery novel and it shares very little with the moviesBriefly the story follows Asakawa a journalist and Ryuji a university professor as they try to solve the mystery of a videotape that kills anyone who watches it after seven days One thing that grated on me was Asakawa s character I won t spoil anything but he ends up with a lot to lose in this story far than Ryuji and yet he just lets Ryuji solve everything If you had that much at stake you d think you d put a little effort into solving the mystery but time and again Asakawa went to pieces when Ryuji couldn t figure part of it out Figure it out yourselfI found him to be a lazy and arguably superfluous character Aside from that the mystery is expertly crafted and the story is a real page turner It s a smart multi layered thriller and I love Suzuki s writing style it s simple but somehow also incredibly rich and engaging There are also periodic descriptions of aspects of Japanese behaviour and culture which I loved because it s a country I m not terribly familiar withAll in all Ring is a tremendous mystery novel that hooks you early on and never lets go I m currently reading book two in the trilogy Spiral and loving that too I can t wait to read Loop Check this series out I think you ll enjoy it

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