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Home to Stay Read ☆ 104 Ually tries to avoid energetic females though the adorable five year old and her pretty single mother are hard to resist As he gets to know kind caring Emma Newberry he reali Enjoyed the book very much

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Home to Stay

Home to Stay Read ☆ 104 Zes she needs a strong shoulder to lean on Problem is Emma's returned to her roots only for the time being Unless a changed man can convince her she's exactly where she belon A nice roA nice romantic story

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Home to Stay Read ☆ 104 Country veterinarian Hank Corsaut isn't surprised to learn that the newest folks in town are Newberry women of the boisterous Louisiana family A uiet orderly guy like Hank us Two haiku reviewDoctor has proposedShe has special needs daughterTakes her home to thinkDifferent type romanceOld fashioned Southern feelingNice Christian story

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