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Read & Download Mistakes Mistakes Trilogy #1 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È A.M. Hayward Mistakes Everyone makes them We are only human Some of our mistakes are small like the times you stay up till 2 am studying for a test that you end up failing because you are too tired to think Others are so catastrophic that they change your life forev. To say that the events that transpired in the novel MISTAKES was terrifying and unspeakably inhumane is a gross understatement As a woman a sister a daughter and an aunt to teenaged girls I cannot even begin to imagine the horrors the characters in this story experiencedThe story revolves around 2 teenaged girls who are best friends one is rich and beautiful and somewhat experienced with the opposite sex and the other who is no so rich sees herself as average and is totally inexperienced with anything having to do with boys Maddy the no so rich girl is swept off her feet by a charming and handsome twenty something after a night on the town with her wealthy classmates Although warned that he is the devil in disguise by her BFF Aimee Maddy cannot resist the pull of attraction she feels towards Mr Charming In an attempt to explore this new and exciting relationship she lies to her parents and joins Mr Charming on vacation in a tropical paradise After one too many drinks she wakes up with a splitting headache with no recollection of the events of the previous night It doesn t take long for her to figure out that she has been kidnapped and later discovers her captor is the leader of a large human trafficking ring With little hope of being found Maddy must decide if she want to live to remember the horrors she is sure to experience or if she wants to die before it beginsMISTAKES brings a slew of life lessons to the forefront of the minds of the reader especially in regards to lying and realizing that your parents are trying to protect you when they set boundaries not ruin your life What is potentially at risk for the innocent and naive oblivious to the evils of the world I purchased MISTAKES with the hopes of a decent and entertaining read What I got far exceeded my expectations and I am eagerly awaiting the 2nd book in the trilogy I can t wait to see what happens next This is a great choice if you are looking for something dark and intense with some romantic elements Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È A.M. Hayward

Mistakes Mistakes Trilogy #1

Read & Download Mistakes Mistakes Trilogy #1 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È A.M. Hayward T be in the nightmare she is in now Kidnapped and taken to a different country unaware of where she is or what these men want with her Maddy's parents can't help her in fact they aren't even aware she is in Mexico Who can save her Or can she save hersel. Oh my This is dark terrifying horrifying But also really good As a firmly middle class girl surrounded by rich kids Maddison has always been an observer but when she meets Jack she wants to start participating She s tired of being restricted by her parents beliefs of what money does to people and she enlists her best friend s help to sneak away for a spring break on Padre Island Things uickly turn for the worst though as Maddison and Aimee are kidnapped to be sold by human traffickersAt the beginning of the book I found myself uestioning things I thought Jack seemed a bit flat as a character and didn t really get the pull Maddison felt for him The kidnappers seemed to make really big mistakes that were uite convenient for the storyline But then Maddison was thrown in a jail cell with Dalton and I forgot all my complaints and just let myself be swept up by the traumatizing story This is no happily ever after and you will be screaming for the second book in the trilogy as soon as you finish the first but this is a book that you don t want to miss Just be ready with a big box of tissues because this is not for the light of heart view spoiler The real devastation for me was in the knowledge that because Dalton thought what he thought the search is going to be very different from what it might have been And vice versa for Maddison I thought that choice was a brilliant choice by the authors but a real sucker punch for the readers I really hope to see a happily ever after at the end of this trilogy they all deserve it hide spoiler

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Read & Download Mistakes Mistakes Trilogy #1 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È A.M. Hayward Er Maddison regrets not listening to her parents not being a 'good girl' and not staying at home like she was supposed to instead of sneaking off with her friends for a Spring Break getaway How she wishes she could turn back time; then maybe she wouldn'. This book grabed me and held me still in my seat till I finied it Page by every page I read I cried I laughed I couldn t stop reading and by the last page I was dying for The topic of this book is about an every day occurrence and a topic I think everyone needs to know about Kidnapping and sex trafficking rings are a hard subject to read about but this book is stunning in the way it is written The CharactersMaddison Maddy She is our main character She is a lot stronger than she thinks she is I connected right away with Maddy she doesn t see herself in the light that everyone else does She doesn t see how much she is loved She see s herself as a girl that always follows the rules and never has any fun But one mistake changes everything for her and things aren t as they seem Aimee Is Maddy s best friend Aimee is the yang to Maddy s Yin so to say She is the polar opposite but the complete each other in their sisterly ways Aimee is the girl who has the money and loves to party unlike Aimee She helps Maddy come up with all the schemes to get Maddy what she really wantsDalton I fell in love with Dalton from the moment he showed up on the pages of the book He is so strong and so sweet to Maddy He is the one that helps her through so much And also gives her a very special gift and Maddy and him share it together trying not to give way to much away Dalton is a very handsome fit young man that is way older than Maddy Jack What can I say about Jack that wont give to much away Hmm there isn t much to say except he is very handsome and Maddy falls for him right away He ends up being Maddy s first love and I will say this when you first fall in love it clouds your vision to the imperfect only showing the perfection of the other personI give the story and the cover a 5 star ratingThe cover fit the book perfectly Love it I was intrigued just by looking at itI can t wait for of this story I need to know what happens next I have never cried so much reading a book in my life but this book is amazing for that To be able to bring those emotions out of a reader makes the writers a pair of great writers

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