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Derby Day

Derby Day review ê 3 D.J. Taylor Ç 3 free read read Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç D.J. Taylor As the shadows lengthen over the June grass all England is heading for Epsom Downs high life and low life society beauties and Whitechapel street girls bookmakers and gypsies hawkers and acrobats punters and thieves Whole families stream along the Surrey back roads towards the greatest race of the year Hopes are high nerves are taut hats are tossed in the air this is Derby DayFor months people have been waiting and plotting for this day Even in dark November when the wind The only mystery in this book despite the billing is why I read the whole uite lengthy thing The book is structured as if it were a complex puzzle and you read it accordingly with extremely close attention to detail at the beginning but eventually it becomes evident that there is no mystery to be solved and that the book s multitude of narratives won t come together but will simply end All the characters are trite the rogue the down on his luck scion of a good family the romantic governess the hardened criminal and none get real treatment to become than stock characters I think the novel was trying to say something about the position of women at that time through the character of Rebecca and at the beginning it is implied that she has some grand scheme in mind But plotwise there is no pay off there and her motivations remain enigmatic and as a character she is too unlikeable the word horrible is freuently used to describe her to provide the center of gravity the novel needs Book remains a series of set pieces none too fresh and rather lengthy instead of a mystery or even just a gripping tale

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Derby Day review ê 3 D.J. Taylor Ç 3 free read read Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç D.J. Taylor Whistles through the foggy London courts the alehouses and gentlemen's clubs echo to the sound of disputed odds In Belgrave Suare old Mr Gresham is baffled by his tigerish daughter Rebecca whose intentions he cannot fathom In the clubs of St James's rakish Mr Happerton plays billiards with his crony Captain Raff while in darkest Lincolnshire sad Mr Davenant broods over his financial embarrassments and waits for his daughter's new governess Across the channel the veteran bu I enjoyed reading this but am not uite sure what to make of it It s billed as a Victorian mystery but didn t really seem to contain many elements of a mystery to me as it s a fairly straightforward story of misdoings in the horse racing world It s written in some kind of Victorian style which I don t know enough about to talk about I don t know whether it s a pastiche or satire or something else like that It s an entertaining enough story on the surface but I suspect I am missing the depths In short I think the author is probably uite clever but rather than showing me that I feel like he s made me feel uite stupid which isn t really how I like to feel as a reader Although I liked the book on the whole I wouldn t be inclined to recommend it to others really

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Derby Day review ê 3 D.J. Taylor Ç 3 free read read Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç D.J. Taylor Rglar Mr Pardew is packing his bags to return to the consternation of the stalwart detective Captain McTurk Everywhere money jingles and plans are laid Uniting them all is the champion horse Tiberius on whose performance half a dozen destinies dependIn this rich and exuberant novel rife with the idioms of Victorian England the mysteries pile high propelling us towards the day of the great race and we wait with bated breath as the story gallops to a finish that no one expec This is a skilful and subtly ironic re working of a Victorian novel The main difference is that the plot centring round the betting and speculation on horses leading up to the Epsom Derby is tightly controlled with very few digressions except where the author wants to set the scene especially that of Derby Day itself which uses the panoramic painting by Frith for inspiration There are obvious and intentional echoes of Dickens and other Victorian novelists in the characters and descriptions Two obvious examples are the debt owed to Chesney Wold and the Deadlocks for the description of Mr Davenant s family home in damp rural Lincolnshire with its ghostly and tragic atmosphere and another is the calculating sandy haired and green eyed Rebecca Gresham who shares her name and character with Thackeray s anti heroine I liked the use of these borrowings as I felt it gave the book colour and substance It was an absorbing read definitely not a Dickens but perhaps a minor Thackeray

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