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DarkMarket Cyberthieves Cybercops and You

DarkMarket Cyberthieves Cybercops and You Download ✓ 100 Misha Glenny ð 0 Download Details of our daily lives with anyone who might care to relieve us of them In this fascinating and compelling book Misha Glenny author of the international best seller McMafia explores the three fundamental threats facing us in the twenty first century cybercrime cyberwarfare and cyberindustrial espionage Governments and the private sector are losing billions of dollars each year fighting an ever morphing often invisible and often supersmart new breed of criminal the hacker Glenny has traveled and trawled the world By exploring the rise and fall of the criminal website DarkMarket he has uncovered the I work in this field This is one of the most misleading inaccurate titles I ve read It doesn t give a good understanding of the field and skirts around some of the most important issues around See the definition of viruses trojans and worms for just how wrong this book is It actually hurt to read at pointsThis is incredibly disappointing because Misha Glenny is a fantastic journalist who cut his teeth doing war journalism in the Balkans

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DarkMarket Cyberthieves Cybercops and You Download ✓ 100 Misha Glenny ð 0 Download This extraordinarily powerful book demonstrates how utterly we lack the shared supranational tools needed to fight cybercrime Essential reading Roberto Saviano author of Gommorah The benefits of living in a digital globalized society are enormous; so too are the dangers The world has become a law enforcer's nightmare and every criminal's dream We bank online; shop online; date learn work and live online But have the institutions that keep us safe on the streets learned to protect us in the burgeoning digital world Have we become complacent about our personal security sharing our thoughts beliefs and the Cut up your credit cards close down your PC cancel on line banking hide your money under the mattress After reading Misha Glenny s investigation of cybercrime you will find it hard to believe anything is safe If you haven t been affected yet put it down to luck But don t doubt that it is coming to an ATM near you any time soonDarkMarket is the story of a loose alliance of mainly young geeks sufficiently bored sufficiently savvy and sufficiently amoral who find ways of helping themselves electronically to money that doesn t belong to them Some become unimaginably wealthy at least until they are caught but others are doing it simply because it s there Catching them as Glenny outlines at length is complicated Often they are committing a crime in a country far from where they are situated couriering the proceeds to yet another country Under whose jurisdiction might they be prosecuted even supposing they can be caught If the detectives can extract evidence in itself no easy task where do they find a court capable of understanding what is put before themAnd who exactly are these cybercriminals They operate under pseudonyms seldom if ever meeting in person Some are cops playing criminal in an attempt to infiltrate the network By the end of this particular tale it seems that DarkMarket has been brought down and some if not all of its most virulent participants are out of commission But has DarkMarket already resurfaced under another name ProbablyThis is a rivetting read with a chilling conclusion

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DarkMarket Cyberthieves Cybercops and You Download ✓ 100 Misha Glenny ð 0 Download Most vivid alarming and illuminating stories Whether JiLsi or Matrix Iceman Master Splynter or Lord Cyric; whether Detective Sergeant Chris Dawson in Scunthorpe England or Agent Keith Mularski in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Glenny has tracked down and interviewed all the players the criminals the geeks the police the security experts and the victims and he places everyone and everything in a rich brew of politics economics and history The result is simply unputdownable DarkMarket is authoritative and completely engrossing It's a must read for everyone who uses a computer the essential crime book for our tim Where is Lord Cyric