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Derailed review ¼ 103 S her to an opportunity of a lifetime with a few stipulations It's a game that needs to be played in a timely fashion or Kristle is a dead girl If she successfully completes her task she gets money than she's ever seen before in her life What she doesn't know is that the tasks are not ordinary and the person making her play the game is someone she least expect. Derailed had me on an emotional roller coaster It started off very sad with Kristle s childhood living with her drug addicted mother and the many struggles that she experienced trying to survive at such a young age on her own After the disappearance of Kristle s mother she started to find out just how ruthless this world really is and became caught up in the street life Once Kristle found a way to hustle keep food on her table and get a taste of the good life it was all snatched from her in the blink of an eye and she was back to suare one She started experiencing things that were so unexpected and couldn t understand why her life was being turned upside down I strongly recommend this book The surprise ending will have you on the edge

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Derailed review ¼ 103 Ever have dreams that took your mind to places reality couldn't Kristle wanted it all money power and lavish possessions But being a poor girl from the South side of Chicago she had no idea how she was going to get it all She busts her butt to get her finances to a generous amount using her dope girl skills when it is all whisked away on a whim Kristle is left. From the beginning this book will grab the attention of the reader a young girl named Kristle is the main character and ever since she could remember her life was chaotic Kristle has the misfortune of being the child of a young woman who becomes addicted to drugs This young lady uickly learns that she can only depend on herself for survival As she grows up she becomes adept at keeping food in the house and clothes on her back Coping with all sorts of negativity thrown her way Kristle drops out of school and gets into hustling as a means of survival Just when she thinks she s on top of her game her world comes crashing down The reader is going to wonder will she be able to overcome the new hurdles in her life she manages to survive and regain some normality in her life That is just the beginning for a new twist to take place Kristle learns that everything that glitters is not gold and also that the only person she should trust is herself Learning such a hard lesson while surviving at the same time is no easy task There were times when i was literally on the edge of my seat wondering what was next and what would the outcome be i did notice a few spelling errors and use of words in the wrong context but this did not take away from the story I believe that anyone that takes an interest in urban fiction mixed with a hint of mystery will enjoy this book There are some parts that may be considered rated x but that does not detract from the main point of Kristle s story Zandra BarnesAAMBC Reviewer

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Derailed review ¼ 103 Without a pot to piss in and has to regain her life back by fending for herself anyway she can She finds a way to make some money and learns to live off civil means But as things are starting to look up again they come tumbling back down with a house fire Just as Kristle is about to give up she encounters a man that gives her a strange note The note introduce. Derailed was a fast read for me because of my love for books I am afraid of giving anything away so i am really afraid to leave any type of reviews for any books i read I say anyone who loves books should go get it show support and love you won t be disappointed

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