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Animal Attraction Download é 104 Is used to planning everything in her life but Dell’s seductive alluring ways have sparked an uncontrollable desire And though Dell has never had time for love Jade’s strength and sass is the kind of call no red blooded male can resis The second book in Jill Shalvis Animal Magnetism series A wonderful read Maybe not uite as good as the previous book in the series Animal Magnetism but still good Both Jade and Dell have issues and neither really wants to talk them out That got to be a little irritating along with the fact Jade has said she s leaving soon and Dell never asks her to stay Still a sweet emotional read with some great four legged secondary characters that really steal your heart

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Animal Attraction Download é 104 She’s tempting his basic instinctsSunshine Idaho is a uiet ranching town a perfect place to give injured animals a refugeor to find one yourself Veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects there’s a reason his clinic’s uber efficient recept Every time I pick up a Jill Shalvis contemporary I don t think she can do any better after all how high can I keep my expectations but I am proved wrong and man am I so glad for itAnimal Attraction is the second book based in Sunshine Idaho and this time our yummy hero is Dell animal and woman whisperer and part owner of the vet clinic Bell Haven And we get Jade the one who runs their life and office ever since she showed up eighteen month ago without any references and a look in the eye Adam and Dell see in animals who have been hurtI enjoyed the whole pacing of the book not even one word felt un intentional for and the sexual tension as usual was off the charts so much so that I wanted these two to just jump each other before they do we do get some toe melting kissesDell doesn t let people close atleast not that many and who can blame him mother walked off dad died went from foster homes to foster home and got beaten up for being small until Sol where Brady Adam and Dell found something worthwhile then Sol died as well Dell has found a niche for himself now animals he loves them but as far his relationship record goes that s not so great he loves women and they him in turn but he doesn t give them a chance to hurt himDell and Jade have been circling around each other ever since she came to work and now she s about to leave and go back to her life in Chicago Like Dell Jade is good at building boundaries none of them know about her life or what happened but despite all her efforts all of them have managed to become a part of her lifeI loved the whole book and the entire cast Adam was a hoot constantly walking in on Dell and Jade at the worst times like after that sweaty self defense lesson I wanted to scream like Dell there with frustration I do sense something brewing between Adam and Holly and can t wait for those fire works We get Lilah and Brady time as well which I loved I enjoyed the big brother role Adam played he talked to Jade and even Dell as well and made them think through his snarky humor Dell was good at protecting himself but when it came to Jade he didn t have any defenses and he helped her overcome her fears and then feared she won t need him any He had such a big heart and even when his mother hurt him so much he was still there for her I wanted to hug him so bad and tell him hey stop Jade from leaving and also tell Jade to open up that guy is great and you need to TALK See how invested I was in the bookThe book wasn t just about the relationship but about all of them about Jade finally finding herself after a robbery in Chicago made her uestion her place in life about finally confronting her fears and learning to tackle them through Dell The beauty was that both of them helped each other while thinking they didn t Jade and Dell were totally wonderful for each other and I have got to admit Jill writes the best heroes and I too want a Dell for myselfA wonderfully written book that you ll wish never ended I love the people of Sunshine and can t wait to go back there ARC received through the author

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Animal Attraction Download é 104 Ionist has taken shelter hereJade Bennett couldn’t be happier to escape the big city jungle to work with hurt animals and have a forlorn stray kitten make its home under her deskor enjoy the gorgeous views of her ruggedly sexy bossJade This was nice and easy read nothing earth shattering or intense but a beautiful caring love story I actually liked this book better than the first Jill Shalvis did a great job developing the Hh Dell was so fun loving at least on the surface and the women loved him You could feel the tension and jealousy rolling off of Jade every time she had to watch or schedule one of his dates He definitely had some commitment and abandonment issues and he fought the pull between Jade and himself to the bitter end not the sexual pull though I am glad they gave into that they were sizzling together Jade was perfect for him sarcastic sassy and OCD She definitely had some demons from her past she had to fight and Dell gentled her the way he did his animalsAnother major plus for me since I am an animal lover was the filler story was all about adorable pets Who wouldn t want a parakeet who loved to say boner This was a definite 4 12 stars for me and I look forward to the last book about Adam a man of few words who prefers celibacy I am thinking that is not going to last long

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