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Free download A Perfect Blood Read & Download í A Perfect Blood Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the Hollows with the electrifying follow up to her acclaimed Pale DemonA Perfect BloodRitually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincin. A Perfect Blood A Near Perfect Blend of Old School and New School Hollows Can this girl ever catch a break Even cutting herself off from the demon collective and having a new bodyguard can t save our favorite itchy witch from problems Rachel tries to adjust to being a borderline civilian as she still works to solve cases after all but her secret is out and that has made her the perfect target for a pretty serious hate group HAPA led by a group of sadistic humans Their public enemy 1 is the Inderlander community and they will stop at nothing to be rid of them all even if they must use Inderlander powers to do so Of course we would have no story if Rachel wasn t exactly what they needed She tries her damnedest to take them on the good old fashioned demonless way but she soon finds that it may not be enoughShe can t do it alone which results in the unlikely but very anticipated partnership with none other than Trent And this partnership certainly doesn t disappoint It s a new day for the new dad as we see a completely new but believable side to our favorite elf well he s my favorite at least Their teamwork really is the heart of this book though other familiar faces Ivy and Jenks are still aroundSince Book 3 Rachel has liked to drive home that she and Trent look so good together yet they re apart But by the end of this book you start to wonder why Though she denies it to me Rachel s actions clearly indicate growing affections towards him As Trent embraces his magic they seems a lot compatible than one would initially think If I spilled the beans about some of the revelations for his character it would seem as if Harrison pulled it out of thin air But she backs it up with several references from past novels making one wonder if she was thinking about these threads all along A lot of scenes are stark contrasts to what we ve seen before most notably her interactions with Trent in his home and office Key moments throughout the series though few and far in between have taken place in those locations so the evolution is meaningfulWhile there wasn t a lot of Al he certainly makes it count for the scenes he s in managing to be his usual hilarious yet terrifying self I m sure he will be a large presence in the next novel so I m looking forward to that Jenks is funny as always saying the most inappropriate things at the most awkward times Ivy is stable and of a presence than I was expecting based on Harrison s comments about her going away and then coming back in the last book We re introduced to a few new supporting characters as well Wayde is a Were bodyguard hired to look out for Rachel Nina is a living vampire often being controlled by a master vamp making her really vulnerable Both of those characters were okay I could take them or leave them but I really took a liking to Winona a Witch prisoner that Rachel befriends as she takes on HAPA She s a sympathetic character just a normal person wanting to live her life But the events of this book make her shine for her adaptability and practicality I thought she and Rachel worked really well togetherI m not sure if it s because it s fresh but I LOVED this bookdare I say better than Pale Demon in a lot of ways I liked Rachel s self discovery that she can hide but she can t run She truly accepts who she is as a demon and the animosity between her and Trent is over too so now it s just the building process that you really hope pays offIf I don t like a Hollows book I will say so I ve been with this series since 2005 so I ve been through all of the ups and downs While I read many urban fantasy novels I pick up The Hollows and feel like I m saying hello to an old friend It still manages to be really exciting so knowing that there are only two books left with a thirteenth as a possible continuation makes me a bit sad But for some reason I didn t get the same vibe like I did from Pale Demon where it was really obvious how much the story was winding down I guess that s a signal for filler but at least it s good filler The mystery aspect made me flash back to book 2 and the times when Rachel had gruesome mysteries to solve so it gave me a feeling of nostalgia This book isn t perfect but all in all I found it to be a satisfying entry to The Hollows series so I gave it 45 starsNeedless to say I recommend thisReview also posted to Original post Thank you everyone for participating in my A Perfect Blood ARC Giveaway and Hardcoverebook GiveawayCome hang out with tons of Hollows fans in my Hollows Corner Everything Rachel Morgan

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Free download A Perfect Blood Read & Download í A Perfect Blood Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S trying to create its own demons to destroy all Inderlanders and to do so it needs her bloodShe's faced vampires witches werewolves demons and but humanity itself might be her toughest challenge y. Ok so I finally finished it like right now My initial off the cuff thoughts I m tired of watching Rachel get put through the wringer with little to no happy and lets be honest Rachel gets a LOT of wringer We re so close to the end of the series and I m thinking the HEA we ve been promised is going to be a fade to black kind of thing with us never getting to see the good bits that make you heave a deep sigh and want to hug the book I want to have a Hollows book end in which I m so happy for Rachel that I want to hug the damned book not take a breath and feel like I need a vacation or a therapist I don t think one book in 10 like that is too much to ask forNext what happened to Rachel while she was wearing that bracelet Before she put it on she was a bad ass witch that had been studying with a bad ass demon and could sling some bad ass spells and had kind of left the earth magic pea shooter in the dust long ago Suddenly she s back to relying completely on the pea shooter and she s too unprofessional to test the accuracy of a weapon she s never shot and she pilfered off of a failed assassin before she takes it into a field op Since when This is but one of several large holes in this particular book that made getting through it difficult for me than usual with this series Rachel is one of the baddest magic users around she s one of a kind she sees things nobody else does and yet she lets anyone and everyone walk all over her and she s too much of a pussy to to hurt people who are trying to kill her That trope is tired retire it for god sakesA NEW villain An entire group of well funded villains that are taking people away and we don t get to find out how that ended for Ivy We spend an entire book watching the Ivy Glen romance and then get told instead of shown how it s blowing up as a cluster fuck Not kewlIt feels like a Rachel is going to be alone forever set up to me The domestic arrangements with Ceri and Trent confuse me and when it comes to alternative domestic arrangements I am a VERY difficult woman to confuseI m sick of the dribbles here and there with Trent Shit or get off the pot already How many series do we have to watch people dance around each other for a damned decadeWhat exactly was the purpose of Wayde and why in the hell did she put up with him for so long More in the school of who is this person and what did Kim Harrison do with Rachel Morgan And as long as we re on the subject what happened to him at the end after he got his head bashed in Did he just get left in the lobby or did they finally send his stupid ass packingThe book had all the standards we love Jenks was foul mouthed Rachel was hated and blamed by everyone and for everything Jenks and Ivy jumped to Rachel s defense Rachel bagged some bad guys Rachel and Trent had a moment or two but nothing you could honestly make any kind of bank or bet on or extrapolate anything significant fromNot my favorite offering in the series It felt scattered and unfinished to me

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Free download A Perfect Blood Read & Download í A Perfect Blood Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nati terrifying amalgams of human and other Pulled in to help investigate by the IS and FIB former witch turned day walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realizes a horrifying truth a human hate group i. Want the extras of the Mass Market Paperback teasers D We have a Trent POV scene here A Trent POV Trent Sorry very excitedfinally Rachel understands and accepts herself it only took 10 books is all the best thing that anyone could have done for that girl is put that silver bracelet on her and it makes me love Trent even that he knew it was what she neededokay so this wasn t my favourite book in the series but i definitely loved it Like the previous book I d say that Rachel s relationship with Trent and Al has progressed some which is great because it probably means that there ll be Trent and Al scenes in book 11 the investigation part what with the whole making demons part is pretty interesting too i love Harrison s imagination and how she s able to put everything together so that it fits so perfectly Once again she s managed to create an awesome Hollows book weaving in the usual humour action epic Trent ness and Al ness and unexpectedness that makes The Hollows series so addictive plus Jenks phrases were as weird and funny as ever Tink s little pink dildo come on where does he get this stuffoh and I loved loved loved the Trent scenes the scenes with Al too damn i love those two characters i don t know what i d do if Harrison gets rid of them fingers crossed she won t whatever book it is i might have to pull a star off if she did since it would most definitely be a deciding factor in my star ratings I d love me a helluva lot of Trent and Al in this bookWow I love the cover So dark And it s black and red hmmm maybe there s gonna be some kind of seduction thing in here oh With Al Or Trent Either of those and I ll be fine or maybe there s just gonna be a lot of death and darkness Whatever I can deal with that too love this seriesooooh and check that out there s someone in the background veeeeeery mysterious

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