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In the Australian Billionaires Arms review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB But he won't let some fortune seeker take advantage of his uncleSydney was supposed to be the perfect place for Sonya to lie low until an innocent friendship catapulted. Sonya Erickson a florist in Sydney Australia tries to live her life under the radar and keep her family s past hidden Unfortunatley when she befriends an older billionaire she is thrust into the spotlight What she doesn t expect is that she would fall for the billionaire s nephew I ll be honest I really tried to give my first harleuin a chance but it was awful The story didn t make sense at times the characters were inconsistent and unbelievable and even the writing was low uality I understand that romances have a formula which can make them unrealistic and predicable but even by harleuin standards this one was bad

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In the Australian Billionaires Arms review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB Her into the spotlight David's a powerful enemy but it's her own attraction to him that's terrifying Sonya's afraid that once she's in his arms she won't want to run aga. Too many inconsistencies in this book The high level of snobbery was also a turn off Once it became known that the heroine was a woman of great breeding she was suddenly welcomed into the fold huh

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In the Australian Billionaires Arms review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB Sonya Erickson is the talk of Sydney's social eliteWho is the dazzling young florist on the arm of the aging billionaire David Wainwright can understand the fascination. This book begins with a story of attraction A dazzlingly beautiful woman makes uite a stir when she appears at a lavish party on the arm of a rich mature gentleman David Wainwright is certain that his Uncle Marcus has taken leave of his senses Surely Sonya Erickson is merely a clever gold digger plotting to ensnare his uncle with her charms and rush him to the altarNevertheless the that David gets to know Sonya the that picture begins to fade Sonya seems wounded somehow sad and wary She guards her past well Still anything that David learns about her speaks to her good breeding grace and poise Who is Sonya and where did she come fromUnfortunately Sonya is in hiding and a single photograph of her alerts her pursuers to her whereabouts Now she can only hope that Marcus and David s family can protect her as Laszlo her nemesis closes inThis story had depth to it than I anticipated and I adored the mystery behind Sonya Erickson The plot twists added spice to the dish generating a tale that had me eagerly turning the pages until I reached the end

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