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Download The Alchemy of Desire 109 Crista McHugh ↠ 9 Download L wand concealed in her knife and she's a coyote shifter To her people killing the White Buffalo is not only sacrilege it's dangerous Oni has no intention of helping them actually achieve their mission until she falls in love with Diah83340 word story was an interesting mix of Native American legends romance and the Wild West McHugh puts a clever twist on the Civil War Pitting Southern Wielders of old fashioned magic against the new generation of Machinists from the North Although Alchemy of Desire has been labeled as a Steampunk novel there weren t a lot of Steampunk elements You won t find giant walkers and zeppelins dominating this novel Instead the story focuses on the romance between two people from different backgrounds who find love in a physically and racially hostile environmentIn Alchemy of Desire we meet a wonderful cast of characters Jebediah Diah love this name comes from a family of magic wielders but didn t inherit the ability Unable to follow in his family s footsteps he became an alchemist I liked his character he is sexy loyal responsible and always behaved like a gentleman His brother Micajah Cager love this name too is the opposite he is cocky reckless and has little respect for anyone except his brother However we do get a peek into why Cager behaves the way he does and I see a book in his future expanding on his character Oni is a Lakotawhite half breed and is shunned by both sides of her family because of her mixed breeding Her need to survive on her own has made her tough as nails and understandably mistrustful of everyoneIn the beginning of this novel there is some world building as we meet the characters but as soon as Oni and Diah meet the story turns into the typical paranormal romance They both have secret agendas and conflicting loyalties but they fall in love and have lots of great sex However they actually don t have sex till late in the book because of Diah s sense of honor It is actually kind of sweet to see chivalry isn t dead This is my favorite aspect of the bookThere is nothing wrong with this story It is well written and the premise of machinists vs magic wielders was cool but the romance was the focus of this story not the world building I didn t connect to the characters enough to become emotionally invested but the sex scenes were pretty hot I suggest reading various reviews on the book to decide if it is for you3 SheepSS and special thanks to BAK for editing this and making me look smart

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The Alchemy of Desire

Download The Alchemy of Desire 109 Crista McHugh ↠ 9 Download After winning the Civil War against the Confederate Wielders the Union Machinists have outlawed magic to usher in a new age of steam powered technology Diah an alchemist and the only non wielder in his family owes his brother for saving his life This was a preview copy from Netgalley thank you I have a habit bad Maybe of reuesting advanced readers copies of books or such downloading them in ebook format and then forgetting everything their blurbs said about them So it wasn t until I opened the epub of The Alchemy of Desire that I realized that it was from Carina Press which I afterward discovered is a sort of PNR subdivision of Harleuin Oh dear I mean yes the title should be a dead giveaway that it s a romance but somehow it wasn t the man on the cover is fully clothed I uite like the cover actually and I braced myselfAnd the beginning was good So good It was an alternate 19th century urban fantasy set in New Orleans post Civil War And this was not Ken Burns s Civil War the main issue of the war seems to have been neither slavery nor states rights but a fight between those who can wield magic Wielders the Confederacy and those who can t and use steampunk machinery instead Machinists the Union The Machinists Union Really What local I loved the beginning There was a lot of good stuff there despite some typos I hope were corrected for a paper editionThen the story left New OrleansDamnThere was so much scope in that setup it was deep and rife with possibility I didn t expect that Finding it unexpectedly makes it even of a shame that the possibilities were unexplored The two brothers at the heart of the story Diah and Cager are forced into going off to hunt the White Buffalo and for this they need a guide And the only guide willing to have them is Oni a half Lakota woman who is a bundle of secrets and Issues She s not taken terribly seriously at least by the elder and obnoxious of the two brothers Cager because she s a woman and because she s a half breed She s an illegal unlicensed Wielder like Cager Diah is an Alchemist hence the title She s a shapeshifter And she has no intention of taking them to kill the White Buffalo because the White Buffalo is sacred to her tribe Oh and she killed a guy who tried to rape her and begins almost at once to fall in love with the younger brother Diah after an initial reaction which seems paranormal but is never explainedThe brothers names are actually nicknames for Jebediah and Micajuh or some such which is a stretch I was pronouncing Diah as dee ah in my head because otherwise it s somewhere between die and I m sorry diarrhea but if it s short for Jebediah it probably is die And Cager is just oddFrom the moment the trio of the two brothers and their Sacajawea set foot on a boat to begin their journey after the White Buffalo the Harleuin roots begin to show There is a great deal of teasing and frustration and timely or untimely interruptions and bulges and pools of wetness Unfortunately the latter two items are verbatim I began to wish for Oni s sake that Depends had been invented in the 1860 s sometimeThere were parts of this that were a lot of fun As I said the setting and storyline of the beginning was dandy The setting up of AlchemistsMachinists and Wielders is something I wanted about Pity it seems to be a standalone Once the focus moved west and to the R of PNR it uickly became less interesting to me I shouldn t complain because it does after all say on the tin that it is what it is and what it is isn t bad But if this had been a steampunk Western with an integral romance instead of a Western romance with elements of steampunk it could have been something really special

characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Crista McHugh

Download The Alchemy of Desire 109 Crista McHugh ↠ 9 Download In the war; so when Cager is blackmailed into procuring the magical hide of the White Buffalo Diah accompanies him to the Dakota territoryTheir guide is Oni a half Lakota woman with plenty of secrets to hide She's a magic wielder with an illega Definitely an interesting take on steampunk Most steampunk I have read has been set in the Victorian era This was instead set in early Americana sort of old west meets steampunk I really liked itCrista McHugh did an incredible job of drawing me into the world of magic steampunk and old west that she created All of the characters were incredibly well written I could picture each one in my headI certainly hope that Crista McHugh writes books set in this worldIn conjunction with the Wakela s World Disclosure Statement I received a product in order to enable my review No other compensation has been received My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand The opinions stated here are mine alone

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