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David Szalay ì 7 Read & Download Download Þ Spring AUTHOR David Szalay 107 The US debut of leading UK author David Szalay named one of The Daily Telegraph's twenty best British novelists under fortyJames is a man with a checkered past sporadic entrepreneur one time film producer almost a dot com millionaire now alone in a flat in Bloomsbury running a shady horse racing tips operation Katherine is a manager at a luxury hotel a job she'd intend Won this as an advanced reader copy through Goodreads I have mixed feelings about this book It is about a guy and a girl who start a relationship while she has been separated from her husband for over a year What I liked about this book was how real it was Everything was presented in this book like it would have happened in a real relationship in real life Many books try for this but fail to achieve it However there were many things I didn t like about this book The reader never gets a glimpse into why these people even started a relationship if there was ever a glow or spark I m sure there was but you never see it You are only introduced to them after they have started the relationship and you only read about them struggling trying to make it work and not understanding where the other person in the relationship is coming from The girl never really seems that interested in him so I could never figure out why she even hooked up with him to begin with The whole time I kept thinking What did they even see in the other person to begin with and my uestion was NEVER answered Because there was already some sort of chasm in the relationship when we meet the characters and we never actually get a flashback scene or the narrator explaining the start of the relationship I found myself not really caring that much if they could make the relationship work or not On top of this the author would also go into tangents about some side characters who don t play that big of a part to the plot I found myself SO BORED during those few times So unnecessary Overall I was glad when I finished the book so I wouldn t have to read it any

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Spring AUTHOR David Szalay

David Szalay ì 7 Read & Download Download Þ Spring AUTHOR David Szalay 107 Ayers of depth to the hesitations missteps and tensions as James tries to win Katherine James's other pursuit is money and Spring follows his investments and schemes from a half share in a thoroughbred to a suit and tie day job he's taken to pay the bills Spring is a sharply tuned novel so nuanced and precise in its psychology that it establishes Szalay as a major tale This is a very sly book Initially it starts out as a chick lit romance with a incomprehensibly smitten man and a unusually reluctant but permissive woman but as the story unfolds their motivations prove not so clearcut Katherine and James meet at a wedding and embark on a frustrating inconclusive affair The reasons for attraction are unclear and not fully explained but each has histories that are explained in retrospect He is not uite the pushover he seems and her attraction remains somewhat elusive Neither is completely sympathetic or likable but this makes them interesting to read about as long as the reader doesn t have to look upon them as friends What I enjoyed most were the ancillary characters many of which were interesting than the two at the plot s center Backgrounds of hangers on friends and associates make for some compelling narration and at times the plot would dogleg into uncharted territory By book s end I was glad I had stayed with it Szalay has a true talent for dialogue and almost a Proustian sensibility for sensuous detail Many references are made to the uniue light of London particularly during this rainy spring when the book is set The reader can see feel and smell the atmosphere

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David Szalay ì 7 Read & Download Download Þ Spring AUTHOR David Szalay 107 Ed to leave years ago and is separated from her husband The novel unfolds in 2006 at the end of the money for nothing years as a chance meeting leads to an awkward tryst and James tries to make sense of a relationship where no means maybe and a yes can never be taken for grantedDavid Szalay builds a novel of immense resonance as he cycles though perspectives that add l I gave up with 100 pages to go Our main narrator is a sad sap who you just wish would make a decent decision I didn t want to spend time with him and I couldn t see why Katherine didn t cut him loose The point of view is totally unbalanced and what made me finally throw in the towel was when the POV shifted 160 some pages in to a character we d never even met before

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