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Chasers (Alone, #1) Summary Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF James Phelan ☆ 8 Free download Ree friends crawl out of the wreckage they discover a city in chaos Streets are deserted Buildings are This was a very easy read it only took me so long as Christmas activities got in the wayPhelan is a good writer but parts of this book I found rather boring and repetitive Some scenes are skimmed over which would be really interesting to read if Phelan had gone in to detail instead of rushing it such as the exploration of a decaying city or the exploration of apartments in an empty skyscraper These scenes felt like filler to a back story but if they had been given attention they could have added extra depth to the book as a whole and certainly would have helped with the world building which felt a bit flat to meWhen I reuested this I was expecting some kind of dystopian featuring vampires What I got instead was no explanation at all as to what caused everyone to become so thirsty and not just for blood but for any liuid so does this make vampires Not in my opinion and no insight or hints are even given as to what caused the initial breakdown of society We are given conspiracy theories by the survivors in the book but it is all conjecture and there is nothing to back it up with I was really disappointed when I finished the book and realised that I as a reader would be given no explanation whatsoever There is a fair bit of action in this book to keep younger readers entertained but a lot of it felt uite strained to me The bloodthirsty people featured in this book nicknamed chasers didn t really provide anything new or terrifying with their shambling as they try to find a liuid source and their rather sporadic acts of violence were not described with any originalityThe twist as such I figured out fairly early on in the book so was not surprised at all by that or by what happened at the end Saying that I think younger readers would love this especially as a first foray into this genre as it is rather despairing and provides plenty of action to keep them entertained Although written well I was generally disappointed with this book as a whole as I was expecting from the synopsis For me this would be a much read if attention to detail was given to the exploring sections of the book and if an explanation was given about what was causing the infection Although disappointed I think this would be a good starting point for younger readers to be introduced to this particular genre and have even recommended my local library to purchase a copy An advance reader copy was kindly provided by the publisher through Netgalley

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Chasers (Alone, #1)

Chasers (Alone, #1) Summary Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF James Phelan ☆ 8 Free download In ruins And the only other survivors are infected with a virus that turns them into horrifying predato Personal ResponseI liked this book because it shows what could happen if a different country attacks one of the United States biggest cities such as Manhattan I also liked the how Jesse Dave Mini and Anna acted like real 14 year old kids The only thing I really disliked was how at the end you find out that Dave Mini and Anna weren t actually alive in the whole book but that Jesse was just imagining themPlot SummaryThe book begins with 4 unlikely friends from 4 different countries standing on the subway They all met through a UN retreat for teens They are riding along and joking around when all of the sudden a fireball is chasing the subway and when it hits ends up flipping the whole thing When the main character Jesse wakes up he and his friends go up into the world and see a bunch of people standing around water sources and drinking the water They wonder what is going on and why everyone is so thirsty when they notice that their leader for the UN group is among the people drinking As they are standing there one of the people drinking starts to chase them They end up finding refuge in the 30 Rock building on the 70th floor There they have enough food and water for months but if they need anything else they have to lug it up 70 flights of stairs They eventually start to get sick of this place and try to figure out a way to get away from Manhattan They decide they are going to find a boat and take that to Brooklyn to look for survivors As Jesse they are all running to the docks to try and find a boat Jesse finally come to terms with his secret That he is the only one of his friends still alive The others had died in the subway and he was just imagining them the whole timeRecommendationI would recommend this book to people who are interested in action types of books I also think that people who are in to apocalypse types of books would be interested in this I believe they would find it interesting because it could be one of the ways that the apocalypse could happen

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Chasers (Alone, #1) Summary Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF James Phelan ☆ 8 Free download Jesse is on a school trip in New York when his subway carriage is rocked by an explosion When he and th AFTERGLOWDuring the first half of this book I was pretty sure I wasn t going to love it Like it yeah like 4 stars like But then I read thisWe are all storytellersWe write our storieswhere and when we canThis is mineI have nothing I have everythingI am alone Maybe you have to have context for this to hit you as hard as it hit me but it was at this moment that I understood the theme appreciated the series title and fell in love with the book It s a little less than 34 into the bookI wrote this earlier in the day at the 40% markI read the first half in a few hours last night and had trouble sleeping Yay for prayer It was only after some hardcore praying that I was able to go to sleep I think I ll try to read the rest of it during the day and then wash it down with some My Little Pony or something It s just scary and way too realistic feeling There are slow parts which I appreciate in a zombie esue post apocalyptic book and those real survivor parts make it feel a little like Castaway Castaway with zombies So yeah I gotta say though the writing is surprising in a good way The beginning bit has normal dialogue just like any other book but after the event happens the uotation marks all disappear and you get this feeling like it s all happening in Jesse s head almost Very interesting mechanism there I d say it makes the dialogue feel urgent and like it s being processed through the fog of trauma As a writer myself I always love to see the ways authors pull off something like that James Phelan has done a fantastic job on his first YA novel I ll be reading the whole trilogy The books are shortish and take place over only a matter of weeks I ll keep you updatedTime to update you I would definitely keep the Castaway comparison from my comments above but the chasers aren t uite zombies They re something else A couple of times they re compared to grazing cattle and in the end the way they evolve from the beginning is very surprising I guess if I were pitching this I d say it s 28 Days Later meets Castaway for teens with an Aussie narratorThe character arc of Jesse our main guy the Aussie works really well throughout the story By the last page I feel like his twelve or so days post event have done their work He s changed for the better Honestly that s a tricky feat for a post apocalyptic book There s so much going on the need for so much world building and explanations that authors sometimes fudge on the character growth a bit Not James Phelan This book truly was about Jesse I guess if he fudged anywhere it was on the world building and explanations You only learn as much as Jesse does and he s pretty scared so he doesn t take risks than he has to which means your information will be limited too Other reviewers complained that we didn t see of the chasers action thriller I felt the suspense during the uiet moments sustained me well I did not need chasers Not at all In fact without the thoughtfulness of this book it wouldn t have made it to Afterglow It would have been just another zombie book It was only in getting to know Jesse and his friends that I understood the major themes came to see the chasers as than zombies and got that cathartic feeling of personal growth for myself Last few pages pure gold Loved them I will just say read during the bright noisy happy day Do not read this at night Or if you disregard my admonition at least keep My Little Pony ueued up for emergencies

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