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  • How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale
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SUMMARY How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale

FREE DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jenna Jameson READ ¾ How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale Jenna Jameson ç 0 READ La famosa actriz porno Jenna Jameson nos cuenta en primera persona la historia de su vida con una visión honesta humorística y eróticaLos bajos fondos de Las Vegas con las violentas pandillas de moteros y los sórdidos clubes de strip tease convirtieron a la desgarbada e inocente Jenna Massoli ue aún llevaba aparatos bucales en la bomba erótico sexual Jenna Jameson Actualmente Jenna es la estrella más importante de la industria del cine pornoPero detrás del glamour y la escalada meteórica a la fama se esconde una historia llena. THIS REVIEW IS GOING TO BE LONG IT ALSO CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT TRIGGER WARNINGS RAPE GANGRAPE DRUGS ANOREXIA NERVOSA SUICIDEFirst let s talk about porn Then we ll get to the bookI ve never seen Jenna Jameson in porn I don t watch pornI m not anti porn I know some feminists are but I can t hate on people for wanting to watch sex and masturbate That s perfectly understandable I always knock on a Boyfriend s door and wait for permission before entering the roomYou re a sexual person Why don t you watch pornI find it either sadtraumatizing or boring A lot of porn is really degrading to women and it makes me sad to watch On the rare occasion that there is a porn film that is NOT degrading to women it is just very boring I need a plot I need a man I can swoon over none of this random stranger shit I need some sort of story and emotional connection Porn just isn t made this way it doesn t cater to women at all What women need is a romantic movie with good intense falling in love with added sex scenes Unfortunately for us romantic movies are rated PG 13 and released in theaters so we never get to the good stuff I need the long romantic storytension AND the sex or it s not working for meThis is why women read erotica and romance novels They are perfect for womenALSO and this is a huge problem the sex that is in porn is simply not enjoyable for women It focuses on blowjobs and it avoids anything that feels good for a woman This is because clitoral stimulation is important for women And stimulating a woman covers up her vulva and a woman s vulva is money for porn Because a woman s vulva has to be on display at all times she can t be properly fingered eaten out or fucked by a man Porn stars deliberately fuck in the most strange poses so that they are always showcasing the star s vulva It makes me SO ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED especially when I see these women with very long manicured nails trying to rub their own clitoris in order to feel good I m like You shouldn t have to do that the man should take care of that shit for you It makes me very sad and long manicured nails are very difficult to masturbate with so they re probably not even helping themselves that much As a result I feel sad angry and frustrated at men from watching porn instead of turned onDoes anyone care No That s because porn is not about pleasure It s about helping men masturbateYou can always tell when you ve gotten a man who has learned how to have sex by watching porn You have to be very gentle and firm and completely rework his thinking It s annoying and sometimes impossible What looks good on screen does NOT feel good for a woman in real life It s very difficult for men to understand this sometimes but I find gentle redirection and encouragement can rectify a man s poor techniue learned from porn filmsOKAY ON TO THE BOOKI was mentally bracing myself for this book I knew it would be very brutal because of what Jameson went through in life and it was even worse than I thought She is raped two times that is if you go by her definition of rape She doesn t count it as rape all the times she woke up after being drunkdruggedblotto to find some guy on top of her PLUS the time when she was gangraped and left for dead These rapes are very difficult to read about I have a very very hard time reading about rape and I felt very sick during my whole read of this novel to the point that my food intake was cut in half It s brutal She loses her virginity to a rapist and wakes up in a puddle of blood it s very hard to readInterspersed with Jameson s stories which are almost all horrifying men either raping her drugging her stealing from her treating her like shit are huge porn photos of her stripping and in bikinis or naked I don t know what this means My personal theory is that this book is catering to two completely different sets of people men who buy this book to masturbate and look at pictures of Jameson and perhaps read some of her detailed sexual accounts in here the few that are positive mostly with other women and those who are actually interested in reading a book In trying to please both audiences you get some pretty bizarre results It s jarring to have a rape scene laid out in detail opposite of a topless Jameson with her tongue out winkingHowever I was able to pretty much just read the book and ignore the pictures I m sure some readers do the oppositeFRUSTRATEDOf course I was frustrated with Jameson while reading this book Not because I had any anger about her getting into stripping and porn understandable and her rapes people who blame women for rapes are the lowest form of scum but because she always ends up datingmarrying these shitheel men Total assholes who not only verbally abuse her and disrespect her but steal from her and make money off her And she always goes on to another guy It s hard for me not to get frustrated with her when she merrily plunges off a cliff with the next boyfriend who is a complete waste of space which is obvious to everyone BUT herIf I were her I would stop dating men I would just swear off men altogether And she would have it easier than me because she is bisexual I would be celibate if there were no men she could keep on with women who in the book are the only loving kind and respectful partners she has have a steady girlfriend and just tell men to fuck offBISEXUALJameson says female strippers and porn stars being bisexual is part of the industry She says it s likely for a stripper or a porn star to be bisexual than someone who never works in pornI was always celebrating when she met a woman and started a relationship with her because women were the only ones who were kind to her listened to her respected her and supported her The only people she had good romantic relationships with were womenEvery single man she dated was a disrespectful piece of trash Even the man she ends up loving and marrying in her happy ending is someone I would have shown the door on about Day Two of dating him She has such a huge tolerance I have no tolerance for men who are disrespectful pieces of trash She also seems to like dominant men and men she calls real men who seem to be bossy and in control and have tempers All real turn offs for me So we are in basic disagreement hereAnd in reading her entire sexual history in this book basically it s clear to see how fucked up she is about men Not like I can blame her But she sees every man as a complete asshole disrespectful user cheater liar She can t ever shake this viewpoint Even in sexual scenarios or relationships in which she seems to be describing a man who is exhibiting good behavior she always has what is he really after in the back of her mind She describes even the most patient men as creepers and pervs Any man who wants to have sex with her is a creeper and a perv full stopThis is because she has never been in a good kind respectful loving relationship with a man And it s doubly hard because her job makes men think that they can treat her any way they want to She doesn t matter she s not a person she s a porn star And therefore she s a slut and a whore who has no morals and no need for love or soft words Which is of course completely untrue So her choice of profession has messed up her opportunities to meet a kind of everyday guy who might treat her right She deserves to have a man who laughs at her jokes listens to her opinion and respects it and one who is kind and merciful to her Instead we have a parade of losers who treat her like shit and verbally abuse her steal from her and cheat on her And they don t think she deserves any better because she works in pornIt s very sadAdd on top of this all the rape and abuse and it s an incredibly depressing book There s a reason it s on my will put you off men shelfIf you ever need to resist an ex boyfriend who is calling you or take a cold shower to calm down and stop being so attracted to whatever man in your life is bad for you I highly recommend this book and others on my shelf will put you off men These books will very soon have you convinced that all men are scum and will actually even make you physically ill when you think about men It s excellent for self control I was retching every time I even thought about kissing a man this week and for me that is very strangeFUNNYDespite all the shit she s been through I was surprised and pleased to find Jameson is a genuinely funny person I was laughing a lot reading this book She tends to insert a funny chapter after every three or so serious chapters where she s getting abused hurt or raped These funny chapters were actually hilarious usually focusing on the porn industry She can even make rather sad topics funny like the chapter in which she describes how damaged and injured strippers bodies are after years of stripping Her chapter on fielding the uestions she always gets day in and day out comparing how she answers them depending on if her mood is good or bad was HILARIOUS I was literally laughing out loudShe also has a really funny part where she trying to seduce a guy gets on the floor and masturbates until she comes like a freight train It s really funny the man s reactions are even funnier oh goshAnd I don t know who does the artwork for her in the book or if she does it herself but often she tells her funny chapters by way of graphic novel DRUGSJameson has done a lot of drugs A LOT ever since she was about 12 or 11 So make of that what you will She her father and her brother did drugs As a family Coke acid pot etc etc She talks very honestly and openly about all the years she was on meth and how bad meth messed her up a boyfriend got her hooked on that one She doesn t hide the fact that she and a lot of her friends were junkiesANOREXIAJameson is very sensitive about how she appears on film and either because she feels like shit about herself or because of a boyfriend calling her fat all the time she does practice anorexia on and off during the book Sometimes for long periods of time Sometimes combined with meth use It s amazing she s still alive honestly At one point she s down to 80 pounds and marveling that anyone is paying to see her dance If you re someone who has an eating disorder this book isn t especially triggering as anorexia isn t the main focus Jameson usually avoids talking about weight and diet out of a respect for triggers Because it s not the point of the book and the only detail that people might find triggering is her tryst with the diet she puts herself on of lettuce and a power bar She really is respectful and honest when discussing her anorexia I found it refreshing Combined with the drugs oh gosh I m amazed she s still breathingSUICIDEShe only briefly mentions considering suicide once in this book but doesn t end up attempting itHOW TO MAKE IT IN PORNI found the chapters about how porn is made and what working in the porn industry is like to be truly fascinating In one chapter Jameson completely breaks it down about how to be a woman and get into the business She tells you what will be expected of you what not to tolerate and what it will really be like to have sex with strangers on cameraEven better is when she has an anonymous male porn star come on and tell everything about being a male porn star She warns If you are a man who has ever fantasized about starring in porn DO NOT READ THIS CHAPTER The truth is of course unglamorous and rather disgusting The male porn star talks about how you have to be extremely in control of your penis get hard on command come on command have to train yourself to get it up for any female even females you d never ever be attracted to in real life He says he practices getting hard all the time while talking to the gas company on the phone while doing everyday unsexy activities He describes trying to have sex while on camera and with a dozen people in the room watching and filming It doesn t sound like a fun jobHe also discusses how male porn stars are like lepers and can never get a girlfriend They are doomed to lonely lives he tells usSHE PULLS HERSELF UPOne thing to admire about Jameson is her real go get it ness and her ability to pull herself up by the bootstraps out of the gutter time after time after time She is so brave and she keeps getting back up after falling down I can t imagine how she stays so positive and ambitious after all she s been through I would have fallen apart she just dusts herself off after every tragedy and keeps going It s admirableGOOD MALE PORN STARSAnother really interesting thing are the male porn stars she chooses to praise Two really come to mind Peter North and TT Boy both of whom she said fucked her within an inch of her life She really went into detail describing how TT turned her out She has so many negative things to say about male porn stars they re too aggressive too clingy too rough unhygienic unprofessional and it was really surprising when she would only twice have positive things to say about one And her praise is rare and sincere She seems honestly surprised any time she meets a male porn star whom she can actually enjoy having sex on camera with She never loses her sense of humor though her crazy thorough long scene with TT is punctuated with hilarious asides and her uniue sense of what s funny He raced through the foreplay a little kissing a little going down on me and then all hell broke loose He slammed me so fast and hard that it took every ounce of control I had to stay focused and in the moment Trying to maintain eye contact with him was like trying to read Dostoevsky on a roller coasterLOL LOL LOL Reading Dostoevsky on a roller coaster Too funny She gets even funnier it s a hilarious scene NAME DROPPINGCelebrities can t resist name dropping in their books and Jameson is no exception Everyone is in here Sly Stallone Bruce Willis tons of rock stars I m not familiar with them so I m not going to bother to list them Jack Nicholson Wesley Snipes Cindy Crawford etc etcHowever I m impressed she didn t take it further It could have been much much worse Name dropping bores me to tears I m just not interested in celebrity gossip and I actually felt like Jameson was keeping it to a rather reasonable minimum here I ve read memoirs that are much worseIMPLANTSShe s also very honest about both her implant surgeries and how regretful she is that she didn t keep her real breastsTl dr I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book Perhaps enjoyed is the wrong word it s so difficult for me to read books about rape and this one is very heavy on the abuse and rape side of things However it s easier for me to read books that are non fiction when it comes to rape I usually DNF fiction books with rape because I believe in listening to rape survivors and their experiencesMy friend while reading this asked me jokingly if I was learning anything I said I was learning that men are pieces of shit who should be avoided at all costs She laughed but that is the true message of this book I m amazed Jameson ends up married to a man at the end of this after so much heartache I think people see you reading this and think it is like a dirty book in the vein of erotica or romance like you are going to be getting some kind of sexual thrill from reading it but that is the farthest thing from the truth I found nothing sexy in this book at all Not a damn thing Basically because I find kind men to be sexy and there s not any of those in here Even the ones who start out seeming like they are decent uickly show their true colors to Jameson She can t winDo you recommend this bookWell I mean either you have an interest in this sort of thing or not I a person who can t pick Jameson out of a lineup and doesn t watch visual porn actually ended up thinking this was a great read I can t really predict how anyone else will react though I ve tried to let you know the gist of it in my review I definitely wouldn t push this on anyone who doesn t have an interestcuriosity at the onset it s not THAT good It s not so good I d be pushing it on everyone insisting they ll love it like I would do with say Reamde or Have You Found Her So read at your own risk

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How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale

FREE DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jenna Jameson READ ¾ How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale Jenna Jameson ç 0 READ Mbre ue le proporcionase la seguridad y el amor ue nunca había conocidoEstas memorias sinceras y desgarradas son muchas cosas a la vez una perturbadora historia sexual una guía por el mundo secreto de la millonaria industria del cine para adultos y un cautivante thriller ue se sumerge en el oscuro pasado de Jenna pero ue también ofrece hilarantes anécdotas sobre las películas porno y comparte ultrajantes consejos de la autora al tiempo ue incluye sus diez mandamientos sobre cómo estar en pareja y obtener mejores resultados sexuale. This book is nearly 600 pages and yet I read it in only a couple of days Clearly I enjoyed it if I read it so uickly while having as busy of a life as I do And yet at the same time I would also offer up a few rather critical comments The first is that it s the most self indulgent autobiography I ve ever read If Benjamin Franklin s autobiography can clock in at under 150 pages anyone s can The authors leave no stone unturned EVERYTHING is crammed in this book Diary entries pictures but not too many only about half a million or so interviews even transcripts of her movies this may or may not come as a surprise but a word for word transcript of a porn is incredibly dull and obnoxious to read All that s lacking is a detailed schedule of her bowel movements In an age where everyone seems to have a blog and uses it to record the various angles of their navel gazing this book fits in perfectly in its information excessIt was definitely the first non fiction work I ve read that I would classify as pulp non fiction Still I won t be a snob and pretend I didn t like it I did It was a good read with some interesting insights here and there on everything from the industry in which she works to drug use to family But as the saying goes this ain t shakespeare

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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Jenna Jameson READ ¾ How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale Jenna Jameson ç 0 READ De tragedia y decepción Tras superar una adolescencia marcada por la adicción a las drogas Jenna ingresó en el negocio de las películas para adultos donde se topó con sádicos directores actrices rivales ue le hicieron la vida imposible y también míticas celebridades como Marilyn Manson o Tommy LeePero su búsueda de la felicidad no concluyó cuando empezaron los elogios Durante años luchó contra su propio resentimiento el conflicto con su padre la soledad de crecer sin una madre y su permanente deseo infantil de hallar a un ho. WARNINGSOME MAY FIND THIS REVIEW OFFENSIVE Jenna Jameson attempts to write Where do I begin First of all there is a difference between an interesting story and a well executed story When both elements are there you have a great story Her life story is definitely not boring but her life in story form is delivered very poorly not to mention it s about 300 pages too long I must add that I knew kind of what I was getting into I knew she didn t have a writing background or an education for that matter that she had to lean on co writer Neil Strauss than your average autobiographer that my expectations shouldn t demand the same from her as say my expectations from a Hemingway or Fitzgerald story I don t mean to imply that she is dumb On the contrary she appears to be very intelligent ambitious and innovative It is that mix of elements that makes her story so interesting especially given her grassroots attempt at success in the male dominated sex industry This gal is not stupid But she is not good with a pen One oddity that left me baffled was her choice of words Even though profanity runs rampant and explicit sexual prose drapes nearly every page and it makes sense in this kind of story she makes freuent use of the words pee pee and ding dong for you knowand friggin Come on Jenna you re a porn staract like itit s PUSSY Another annoying aspect of this book was it s all in one deal This book contains Jenna comics cartoons interviews diary entries and not of the same caliber as Virginia Woolf like Dear Diary I kissed a boy today and then he touched my pee pee Jenna s ten commandments and pictures galore I do understand however why this book would be heavier in pictures but all of these superfluous additions account for approximately 13 of the book hence it could have been much shorter One strength Jenna possesses is candidness At times however I felt like she was summoning the spirit of Judy Blume Consider this entry My first period brought with it a whole new set of problems One was that I still had my hymen It was a thin flat layer of flesh completely blocking my opening making it impossible to use tampons Bless her heart This is but one of many tragedies Jenna faced and conuered and no detail is left to the imagination So far I have been really harsh but there were some good things about the book For one she s funny I found myself laughing at multiple points throughout the story Her sense of humor is a great balance to the lurid subject matter All I did was contribute to Kleenex sales She also doesn t hold back In a story such as this that s crucial She also throws in some how tos for the blossoming wannabe porn star Soif you re easily offended by profanity or explicit sexual content this book is not for you It s also not the kind of book to read on the morning commute as explicit pictures abound throughout But if you can accept her story for what it is then this is an interesting if not enjoyable read It s not everyday we get to read the life story of a famous porn star Strangely it makes for an interesting book club choice depending on the degree of open mindedness of its members Consider yourself warned