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Characters New Fashion Rules Victoria Magrath ´ 2 Review Free download ´ New Fashion Rules 102 The rules of fashion have changed The new digital era is all about being seen liked and inspired So how do we define ourselves through style And why has the evolution of the Internet changed the way we buy and wear clothing Superblogger Victoria Magrat. I have been following along Victoria s journey for many years now way back in the purple haired days throwback So as soon as I found out she was writing a book I knew I had to be amongst the first to read it While I expected this book to be just about her her fashion adventures and her blog it was a pleasant surprise that she focused the book on the fashion industry and not just herself It was a breathe of fresh air to read a well written book that not only taught me a lot about the fashion industry but it also taught me a lot about Victoria Her dedication her poise her engaging personality and just the downright sense she has when it comes to the industry is all unrivaledI am a very big fashion focused individual and being part of the blogging industry and fashion together can be tough at times Something I ve always loved about V is that she makes everything approachable less daunting and less exclusive When it comes to fashion it is about how WE feel as individuals Of course there are trends but at the end of the day you are still able to be yourself and choose which store to shop at Her breakdown of the perfect shopping street is such a dream and to be honest I had no idea online shopping was uite so new As I mentioned lots of information that I did not have before reading the book and I was so happy this was informative and had me learningNot to mention this book is insanely gorgeous I adore all the photos Victoria choose for specific sections The cover Absolutely stunning making it the perfect coffee table book once you read it 10 times overThis book definitely had the vibe of someone with a PhD in Fashion as it s extremely well written extremely informative and has Victoria s fun twist on it as if you were speaking to her yourself For anyone who is interested in the fashion space wanted to learn about the ins and out of the industry or just get a peep into the world this is genuinely the perfect book to provide that information Well done Victoria cheers to many incredible projects

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Characters New Fashion Rules Victoria Magrath ´ 2 Review Free download ´ New Fashion Rules 102 Vement which embraces all shapes and sizes relive the moment Cara Delevingne recorded a selfie on the catwalk and discover how internet sensations like Instagram and ASOS are changing the landscape of fashion permanently These are The New Fashion Rules. Great read easy read informational loved it helped me

Victoria Magrath ´ 2 Review

Characters New Fashion Rules Victoria Magrath ´ 2 Review Free download ´ New Fashion Rules 102 H reveals the pivotal moments that have transformed the fashion world from the Nineties through to the Noughties and shares insider secrets and practical tips for navigating the ever changing fashion landscape Find inspiration from the new diversity mo. Nothing groundbreaking in here but it s fun to flip through I liked her YouTube channel for a short while but then it became a look at my fabulous life channel so I unfollowed it I miss her fashion advice People can only watch so many home renovation videos when they are expecting a fashion channel with valuable information on trends and styling But if you like her it s worth a read

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